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Although Dropbox has an official Android application it’s a bare bones affair. Dropsync supercharges Dropbox syncing on your Android device with a pile of extra features and true two-way syncing.

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The wallpaper comes in a zip file with the following resolutions: 1920*1200, 1600*1000, 1400*875, 1280*800, and 1024*640.

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Curious about the programming languages in use all around you? This timeline-style infographic highlights the major programming languages of the last 50 years and where you, indirectly, experience them.

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Google’s new social service is all the rage right now and added in with their Plus 1 service makes for an awesome online combination. Now you can indulge in the Plus and Plus 1 goodness on your desktop with our Google+ Customization set.

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Whether you’ve been searching with Grep or looking at programs that can batch rename files for you, you’ve probably wondered if there was an easier way to get your job done. Thankfully, there is, and it’s called “regular expressions.”

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Have you ever wondered where Firefox keeps all of the history it has remembered from your previous browsing sessions… not just URL’s but saved password, form data and certain preference values? The answer, quite simply, is inside of SQLite databases in your Firefox profile folder.

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Every week we dip into our reader mailbag and answer your computer and tech-related questions. This week we’re looking at swapping file icons, missing volume icons, and sending links to your smartphone.

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If you’re a fan of old text-based games like MUDs and choose-your-own-adventure style books, Age of Fable is an illustrated text-based game you can play right in your browser.

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Dual Monitor Taskbar adds a functional taskbar to your secondary Windows 7 monitor complete with Area peak.

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Billions of dollars a year are spent on mobile gaming; check out this infographic to see where the billions go, the rising trend of freemium games, and the who the most active mobile gamers are.

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Want to make photos really stand out? Create a fun Red/Cyan 3D effect that will pop off the page and screen, just because it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Grab your 3D glasses, and either Photoshop or GIMP!

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We have just shown you that you can upgrade your Windows Home Server for free by choosing the open source Amahi server. Now that it’s installed, here’s how to manage your drives, shares, and storage pool.

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July has been a month filled with geeky goodness where we covered topics such as setting up a VPN, diagnosing & fixing overheating laptops, making photos look like pencil drawings, and more. Join us as we look back at the most popular articles from this past month.

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This week we learned how to make free Android or iPhone ringtones from any YouTube video, “halt Windows automatic rebooting, enable Unity Menus in Chrome, & set up tabbed PuTTY windows”, enjoyed a great new set of Geek Deals, “fix phantom HDMI sound problems, change HTC keyboards to the default Android keyboard, & log every URL visited on your network”, had fun customizing our desktops with a seaside vacation theme, and more.

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The Convenant’s obsession with Forerunner technology and their subsequent attempt to exterminate humanity created a war that has raged across the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Now you can bring the battle with the Covenant straight to your desktop with our Halo Wallpaper collection.

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Evoke a world of masquerades, fancy ladies, and fanciful beasts on your desktop with this mysterious feeling Windows 7 theme by artist Cheng Ling.

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A tad paranoid when it comes to installing software on a laptop? [via Reddit]

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If you’re looking to enjoy a little retro PC gaming this weekend then you can’t go wrong with a free copy of Mechwarrior 4; enjoy some post-apocalyptic robot rampaging today.

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