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If you download a lot of apps from the Windows 8 Store, install your own programs, and pin those programs to the Metro Start screen, the screen can become a mess. However, you can group tiles on the Metro Start screen and label those groups.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Android: While most people love Little Photo for the variety of post-processing special effects it sports, we love it for the dead simple tap the screen to snap shutter system it employs and the full-screen review that follows.

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Looking for a clean enclosure for your next project? This polished looking build combines a small IKEA storage basket, Arduino gaming board, and sweet arcade buttons to create a compact gaming machine.

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Mordor needs your help! The legions of the West are gathering and sweeping across the lands like a gathering storm. Join now to help defend your homelands and be the hero of Mordor!

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Iconic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. has been, in a rather retro move, ported to run on the Atari 2600–a game system that preceded it by eight years.

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Windows 8 takes a new approach to the hosts file by default – it won’t allow you to block Facebook and other websites by modifying your hosts file. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass this restriction.

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In previous versions of Office we had to use command line parameters that would suppress the splash screen on launch, well it looks like Microsoft heard us and finally added an option to disable them in the Office apps. Read on to find out how.

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We’re all living and working in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to forget things on your to-do list (or forget the list altogether). How do you keep important tasks front and center?

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