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There’s a new Humble Indie with some fantastic DRM-free and cross-platform offerings and, most importantly, some fantastic games. Score a copy of Psychonauts for the best price in town!

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Responses to this week’s Ask the Reader question show that just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up the security and privacy that your home network provides.

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Building a good looking Iron Man cosplay suit on a budget is no easy task; this clever Dollar Store inspired build combines cheap off the shelf parts to create a surprisingly awesome Arc Reactor.

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Have you or someone you know continued to use Firefox 3.6 because your favorite extensions were not updated for Firefox 4.0 and beyond? Perhaps you updated Firefox but lost that wonderful extension’s functionality and w...

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In this 3-minute short film, Leeroy Jenkins of World of War Craft infamy, brings his raid-botching power to the real world in a bank heist gone wrong.

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In this week’s game infection of all cell-kind is the ultimate goal as you lead your virus army to victory. Will you succeed in infecting everything in your path or will you be stopped just short of total domination?

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Some forms of tracking are obvious – for example, websites know who you are if you’re logged in. But how do tracking networks build up profiles of your browsing activity across multiple websites over time?

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This past month we covered topics such as alternative search engines that respect your privacy, tips and tweaks for getting the most out of Chrome, using camera Raw tools to develop digital photographs, and more. Join us as we look back at the most popular articles for May.

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