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Are you looking for a screenshot utility for Firefox that will tie in with your Diigo account? Then you may want to have a look at the Awesome Screenshot – Capture and Annotate extension.

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Xerox’s first commercially successful copy machine was introduced in 1959 and came with a feature you won’t find on many modern pieces of office equipment: a fire extinguisher to put it out when it–frequently–lit on fire.

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It’s time to dig into the tips box and share this week’s reader tips. Today we’re looking at the iPad as a digital picture frame, recycling media spindles as cable caddies, and CTRL+Click to open links in MS applications.

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If you’re freaked out by the revelation that your iPhone/iPad has been tracking every step you’ve taken since you updated to iOS 4, Untrackerd will put your mind at ease by actively deleting the tracking database.

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Lamborghini GTT at Italian Landscape [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re rocking an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad–alas not iPad 2 yet–a new release from Redsn0w makes it dead simple to perform an untethered jailbreak.

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Continuing in our series covering how to use Virtual PC, this week we’ll be showing you how to install Windows 7 into a virtual machine. It’s a very simple process, but here’s the step-by-step guide for beginners.

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You may want to prevent changes from being made on your perfectly setup Ubuntu computer, but locking down user accounts gives annoying error messages and prevents temporary changes. With Gofris, you can accomplish this without complicated hard drive imaging.

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Ever wonder how your home network ranks on the geek scale? The good folks over at 7 Tutorials have put together an interesting post detailing the results of a survey on what the average geeky network really consists of.

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This How-To Geek School course aims to teach you how to use Android effectively, showing you the most important settings and methods needed to really become an Android pro and get the most out of your Android device.

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Multiple monitors allow you to spread out your work, see more at once, and—ideally—help you get more done. This week we want to hear all about your multi-monitor setup and what tips, tricks, and tools you use to maximize its effectiveness.

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Having a portal gun on hand can be really useful, but just how lazy could someone become if they had one? Watch as this guy falls to the temptation!

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Po, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five are back once again as a new evil in the form of Lord Shen emerges to take over China and possibly threaten the existence of kung fu itself. The theme comes with nine wallpapers to help ...

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The Gallery application on Android devices is a bit aggressive about scanning and adding directories. Have a directory you want to keep private? Use this simple trick to keep it out of the Gallery app.

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Color blindness affects a significant portion of the population (5% of men and %.5 of women); game developers are finally noticing and tweaking games so success doesn’t hinge on whether or not you can tell red from green.

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A life code [deviantART]

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If you have an old web cam or two laying around you can convert them into a CCTV system that pushes email and growl notifications to you any time motion is detected in the area they are monitoring.

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There are hundreds of ways to isolate an object or remove a background in Photoshop, and this is one of the absolute easiest. See how a quick download and some simple techniques can help you cut out images with ease.

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Are you looking for a fun DIY project that will enhance your geek photographer cred? Then how about printing out and building your own 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad camera! Kelly Angood has put together an awesome 8 page PDF file w...

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Google offers a pretty comprehensive set of online applications which many of you probably take advantage of. Here is how to easily configure Firefox to use Google’s online offerings for email, RSS, PDF and office documents as your default in-browser viewer without the need for a pesky toolbar.

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