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Browser-based Evoland is, hands down, one of the more clever video game concepts to come across our desk. The game itself is a history of video games–as you play the game the game evolves from a limited 8-bit monochrome...

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What would things be like if you dug a tunnel completely through the Earth for travel purposes or if our planet were hollow? Minute Physics takes a look at how things would be if either of these scenarios actually existed.

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Last week we showed you a nifty man-cave arcade-in-coffee-table build that was a bit, shall we say, exposed. If you’re looking for a sleek build that conceals its arcade-heart until it’s game time, this clean and ...

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Did you know you could be connected to – and see in your web browser’s address bar – while not actually being connected to Facebook’s real website? To understand why, you’ll need to know a bit about DNS.

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Printing has become an application aware feature in Metro applications. This makes the outcome of a print job different from application to application, but the question remains, how do you print?

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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If you feel like Facebook increasingly has fewer and fewer options to reject applications and organization access to your private information, you’re not imagining it. Here are five ways Facebook’s design choices ...

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When you’re in the market for a Death Star, it’s important to do your homework and make sure you’re buying your Death Star from a legitimate dealer of intergalactic doom.

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If you’re a fan of all things geeky rendered in LEGO–and we certainly are–you’ll want to take a moment to appreciate this incredible model of the mythical Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings universe.

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