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Using the command line seems rugged and unpleasant, but Linux has a way to ease things up and help you get things done with the command line by allowing you to use aliases to customize how you type commands.

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This week we learned how to check if your CPU supports second level address translation (SLAT), speed up Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, create your own Windows 8 shortcuts, understand those confusing Windows 7 file/share permissions, looked through a roundup of the best Linux home server apps, and more.

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Areas of grassland can be beautiful, especially when the grass is tall and the wind is blowing…almost like watching a green inland sea. Turn your desktop into a refreshing sea of green with the first in our series of Grasslands Wallpaper collections.

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Are you ready to fill your desktop with super-powered goodness? Then you will definitely want to download the Marvel Comics theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with 42 Hi-Res wallpapers, custom Marvel super hero icons, and s...

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Want to take the next generation of Windows for a free test drive? Of course you do; it’s still got that new car smell. Read on to see how you can combine the Windows 8 developer release with VirtualBox for free next-gen OS exploration.

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Earlier this week we asked whether you were the first in line to try out new things—operating systems, upgrades, etc.—and now we’re back with a roundup of your responses.

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If you’ve got a soft spot for freebie–and who doesn’t?–Hey It’s Free! catalogs freebies from across the web.

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Giant Cupcake [deviantART]

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Super Smash Land is Super Smash Bros reimagined as a Gameboy release; grab a copy of this polished fan game for free.

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After a long tiring week you should do something to relax and a fun game is the perfect way to do that. In this week’s game you choose your favorite flavor of ice cream and start a perilous quest to collect fruit for yourself while avoiding getting melted by enemies.

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When you’re using Linux, a popular way to share files with Windows is via Samba. For beginners, it can be a real pain to configure it manually, but with the right tool, it’s as easy as pie.

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Do you create really long documents in Word? If so, you probably know that Word doesn’t always play well with them. It’s usually smarter to split your long documents into multiple Word files.

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Have you ever tried to figure out all of the permissions in Windows? There’s share permissions, NTFS permissions, access control lists, and more. Here’s how they all work together.

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Once a week we dump out the tips box mailbag and share the weeks hottest tips with you. This week we’re looking at how to speed up Windows 7,

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Life lessons from The Legend of Zelda [9GAG]

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What would happen if Mario took a vacation from fighting Bowser? A new hero for Mario Land would be needed and who better than the Prince from Katamari Damacy. Bowser is going to be in a lot of trouble once the Prince starts rolling.

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The results from this clever hack have to be seen to be believed–and can be in this great video compilation. Read on to see how a $6 egg timer can become a fantastic panning time lapse engine.

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