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Whether you’re looking for an interface for your new DIY arcade cabinet or want to build a custom keypad for an application, this detailed tutorial will show you how to frankenmod an old keyboard into a new interface.

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Android: BT Controller links Android devices together so one Android device can serve as the gamepad for another Android device.

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Top Ten Features of Windows 8 [Infographics] [via TinyHacker]

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We often share infographics about computers, games, mobile computing, and other geeky pursuits. This morning’s infographic is an entertaining infographic about, well, infographics.

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There are tons of third-party partition managers for Windows, but did you know that Windows includes its own partition manager? Microsoft did a good job of hiding the built-in partition manager, but it’s there.

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Firefox includes powerful features to prevent you from being tracked online, but they aren’t on by default. We’ll show you how to take control of your privacy online with Firefox’s options.

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In the last part of our mini-series we look at enabling Search and getting rid of the Shutdown Event Tracker. Many programs rely on search, including Microsoft Outlook, lets take a look at how we can enable it.

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Once a week we round up some of the emails we’ve answered and share the solutions with the rest of you; this week we’re looking at overheating laptops, upgrading to a bigger HDD, and grabbing ringtones from YouTube videos.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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If you’re looking to roll your own standing desk, this IKEA-based guide will get you started on the road to abandoning your desk chair.

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ComicCon and cosplay pics are common geek blog fodder, but they’re usually from yesterday’s convention. This roundup of pics is a vintage pile of 1980 convention cosplay awesomeness.

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Windows: If you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to create temporary file associations while using your portable apps on a computer, Portable Extension Warlock makes it easy to open files with the apps you want.

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Recently, popular photographer Trey Ratcliff said he’s done buying DSLR cameras because mirrorless cameras are the future. Let’s take a look at what these cameras are, and see if Trey is onto something, or just full of hot air.

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You probably have several applications that you run in Windows 7 to do your daily work, surf the web, etc. Wouldn’t it be handy if you can use the mouse or a hotkey to start all those applications at once?

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Our latest edition of WIG has lots of news link goodness covering topics such as Google’s demotion of Chrome in search results, Ramnit malware’s theft of over 45,000 Facebook logins, WebOS’s second chance in Healthcare, and more.

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If you like to use multiple operating systems but don’t have extra computers to spare, we at How-To Geek have can help you set up your computer or tablet to run more than one operating system.

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Sometimes having a bright or busy looking desktop can be counter-productive, so getting back to the basics is just what you need. Give your desktop the perfect minimalist look with the first in our series of Simplicity Wallpaper collections.

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Do you love using nature photos for your desktop? Then you will definitely want to grab a copy of the Butterflies Theme for Windows 7. This terrific theme comes with thirteen wallpapers full of fluttery colorful goodness.

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