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We’ve already shown you the classic method of dual booting Windows 8, but that requires tweaking your partitions. If that’s something you’re not ready for, here’s how to use a virtual hard drive (VHD) to boot Windows 8 on your Windows 7 PC.

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D7 is a very useful, free tool for maintaining, repairing, and tweaking Windows, assisting in the removal of malware, and backing up all the user profiles on your computer. It can aid PC technicians in performing many tasks.

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Last week we shared an Autumn Customization Set for your desktops and now we are back and ready to go deeper into that beautiful Fall foliage. Get ready to immerse your desktop in splendid color with our Autumn Leaves Wallpaper collection.

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Twitter is a great way to get interesting links, article updates, and more from How-To Geek and our writers. Read on to learn how you can follow us and pick up some Twitter tips and tricks in the process.

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There is no frustration quite like finding the Caps Lock Key engaged by accident (or by other ‘mysterious’ means). Perhaps this is its revenge for being so unloved…

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Want to learn some new tricks for using the Ubuntu Software Center or know someone who is new to Ubuntu? Then grab a copy of this free 49 page guide and get ready to enjoy (or share) the goodness.

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Following the Facebook F8 conference announcement, Spotify is ditching the invite only model and offering 6 months free unlimited service.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite social networking apps and how you were benefiting from them. Now we’re back to highlight your tips and tricks.

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In a rather stunning display of scientific inquiry and processing, Berkley scientists have successfully created video footage of memory.

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The Way To The Beach [DesktopNexus]

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Yesterday Facebook announced their new Timeline view–a radical departure from the current profile structure. Try it right now with this simple trick.

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Your work week is almost over, but until you can leave for the day why not sneak in some castle crunching fun? In this week’s game you lead an army of Vikings on a crusade to conquer your enemies, grab the gold, and save your allies along the way.

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Android devices sometimes get criticized for sound quality, but Gingerbread’s EQ has changed that. We’ll show you how to take advantage of audio equalizers to boost your music and system sounds, whether you’ve got Gingerbread or you’re stuck with FroYo.

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Once a week we take a look in the tips box and share the tips and tricks you mail in. This week we’re focusing on a great tip that turns an old (and probably unused) CD case into a cable organizer.

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Special thanks to ETC reader Nebbsen for sharing the originating source for this image and the great news that you can buy it as a mini-poster if desired!

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Has the endless multitude of social networks gotten to you? Are services such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more consuming all of your time? Then get ready to relax and be free as you find out what the biggest revolution...

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Gmail’s mobile interface just received a welcome update; you can now sign into multiple Gmail accounts, set a mobile signature, and set your vacation message from your phone.

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Could you stay in your house without leaving? Could the internet provide everything? This infographic takes a look at what we’re doing online and how the internet has brought the outside world to our doorstep.

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