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Are you curious about the affect Facebook may have on you and your relationships? Find out interesting tidbits such as which gender makes up the higher percentage of the user base, the percentages for changes to various relat...

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Over at they have hundreds of classic 8-bit Nintendo games available for web-based play. You simply load them up, use your keyboard as a controller, and play to your heart’s content. You can also visit the...

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite tools and tricks for encrypting your data. Now we’re back to highlight the most popular tools and how you use them.

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For those of you behind a YouTube unfriendly firewall, the basis of the trick is this: you use a pen or other pointed object to press inwards on the zipper of a suitcase. The pressure causes the teeth of the zipper to separat...

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What shapes and/or animals can you find among these colored tiles?

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Without signing up for an account you can load up to 9GB of files in Fyels free public repository. If you sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account login to authenticate yourself, you can enjoy unlimited uploading. Keep ...

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After a long week at work why not take a few minutes to relax and have some fun? In this week’s game your mission is to help a wee lad named Simon defend the treasure he found at the beach from the evil pirates who want to steal it.

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There are plenty of alternative web browsers on iOS – Opera Mini, Atomic, and Skyfire, to name a few. Without being able to change the default browser none of them feel “at home,” but there’s a fix if you’re jailbroken.

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Every week we round up the tips you’ve submitted to and showcase them here. This week we’re looking at a simple trick to split your speaker output, finding your headphone and charging ports in the dark, and workplace friendly earplugs.

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Ever have one of those days when you just did not know what to say when someone called you for help with their computer? Then say goodbye to the headache and frustration! With the IT Service Desk Wheel of Responses you will a...

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A Starcraft player keeps pushing on his Starcraft SCVs until they are feeling overworked and unappreciated, so they decide to go on strike! Will their conflict have a peaceful resolution or is it game over?

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Want a crash course in the history of video games? Watch this rapid-fire video from the workshop of design firm Column Five for a whirlwind trip starting with Pong and ending with the E3 2011 Expo.

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If you’re looking for a digital remote shutter with a maximum amount of control this design turns your smart phone into a capable remote control for your camera.

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Ocean [deviantART]

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Wallpaper Changer is a simple wallpaper rotation tool for Android devices that automates your wallpaper rotation and offers a one-click widget to change it on the fly.

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Whether you can’t stand telemarketers, you have people you want to avoid, or you just want to filter who calls or messages you, there aren’t many options available for the iPhone. Enter iBlacklist, a jailbreak app that does it all.

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Minecraft is one of the bestselling video games of all time but getting started with it can be a bit intimidating, let alone even understanding why it’s so popular. In this edition of How-To Geek School we’re going to help you get started with the game (or at least understand why your kids love it so much).

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Encrypting data is one of the best things you can do to secure it in the event that your computer or remote host is compromised. This week we want to hear about your encryption plan, what tools you use, and how you keep your data secure.

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Are you excited about the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Then here is your opportunity to see what the new movie is all about. has put together a great playlist compilation of released scenes from the movie for a to...

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Now that Twitter has been in operation for a few years, have you ever wondered about the stats behind people and businesses who use it? Then here is your chance to find out. This handy infographic lets you know about things s...

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