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Inside those cheap laser pointers you see in the grocery store checkout line there’s a handy little plastic lens that, when slapped on your phone’s camera, makes it easy to take macro photographs.

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Earlier this week we asked you if you used a second screen while watching television or movies–such as a smartphone or tablet. Now we’re back to highlight how HTG readers are engaging (or disengaging) with their mobile devices.

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If you’d like to enjoy 3D movies with passive polarized glasses for less than $50,000 (the average price of a passive 3D projector), this DIY setup brings the price down to a more accessible level.

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Did you ever wonder what life is like for the Invaders? Take a journey through time with this particular Invader as he grows from a child into adulthood and decides to join the war.

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You may have built a simple marble raceway out of construction toys like LEGO or K’Nex at some point in your life. No matter how grand a raceway it was, we can assure you it had nothing on this 40,000 piece room-sized monster.

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In this week’s game your mission is to destroy all the mummies waiting for you in this long forgotten temple. All that you have is a limited amount of explosives and your strategic skills to win the day! Can you get the job done?

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Do you want to save time when installing Windows 7? You can create a customized installation disc and have it perform an installation without asking you questions, integrate updates and drivers, tweak Windows, and remove Windows components.

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Once a week we round up some of the great reader tips that come our way and share them with everyone. Today we’re looking at using the Kindle as a screen for the Raspberry Pi, custom iPod control modules, and an easy way to play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

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