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Has the endless multitude of social networks gotten to you? Are services such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more consuming all of your time? Then get ready to relax and be free as you find out what the biggest revolution...

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Gmail’s mobile interface just received a welcome update; you can now sign into multiple Gmail accounts, set a mobile signature, and set your vacation message from your phone.

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Could you stay in your house without leaving? Could the internet provide everything? This infographic takes a look at what we’re doing online and how the internet has brought the outside world to our doorstep.

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Special thanks to ETC reader vistual who has been kind enough to create a text free version of this wallpaper! You can download the text free version (two different sizes) using the links in the comments.

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Worried about high-tech thieves getting the drop on the contents of your RFID enabled identification and credit cards? Craft yourself an RFID-blocking wallet to keep them at bay.

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This trick is for Linux and SSH users who often log in to remote systems. Having to type the same info over and over again is mind-numbingly repetitive, but using an SSH config file makes the process much more convenient.

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Jealous of your Mac OS X friends and their great Time Machine feature? Windows 8 has a new feature called File History that works much the same way, giving you an easy method to restore previous versions of your files.

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Every file on your computer has a timestamp, which contains the access and modification time for a file, but did you know that you can change that timestamp? Here’s how to do it.

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This week we’re taking a look at social networks. Do you use social network apps to increase the usefulness of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and others?

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Someone at that company really needs to rethink the selection of security questions available to choose from.

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While scanning for minerals on a distant planet, a young space scout meets and falls in love with a female space scout. But problems arise as their budding romance starts to grow and ‘something’ is not happy at be...

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Are you creating a very long document, but hate the thought of dealing with Word’s master document feature? The Master document feature in Word has been known in the past to corrupt documents.

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Popular music streaming service Pandora has finished beta testing its new HTML5 web interface and rolled it out to all users. At the same time they’ve removed the free-user cap of 40 hours per month–listen for free as long as you want.

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How does your internet speed compare to your international neighbors? Hit up this infographic to find out.

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Autumn [DesktopNexus]

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Windows: SimilarImages is a duplicate file finder tweaked to find image files. Rather than simply compare raw stats it also scans the photo itself. As a result you’ll find more duplicates and be able to select which file you wish to keep.

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Ever heard of a “full frame” camera? Today we’ll learn just what this means by taking a look at camera formats, racking up some serious photo geek cred, and finally deciding if the expensive cameras are worth the heavy pricetag.

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If you have been following our Hackintoshing guides, you might know the basics, and how to install Snow Leopard on your custom built PC. In this guide, we will try to upgrade your Snow Leopard hackintosh to Mac OS X Lion, and also explain a thing or two regarding dual-booting your hackintosh with Windows.

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