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At Photojojo! they have a detailed tutorial outlining how to create a cinemagraph that covers the planning and execution of your image.

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At Mashable they’ve gathered up 10 products that hit the market too soon for people to really appreciate them. Among them, as seen in the video above, a super simple internet-focused computer. At the time it hit the mar...

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Hit up the link below to see more photos of the table.

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A great cover page draws readers, and if you know Word, then you are in luck, because Word gives ready to use cover pages. But did you know that Word lets you create your own cover pages?

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This week we learned how to easily change a dual-booting PC’s default OS, “extract audio from any video using VLC, sneak around paywalls, & delay Windows Live Mesh during boot”, shrink videos to fit an Android phone with VLC, fix damaged or broken audio cables, “decide between an ISO or TS folder, help Windows 7 remember folder locations, & convert books for the Kindle”, and more.

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DC Comics has a great line-up of super hero characters and we have gathered together some of DC’s finest for you in today’s collection. Give your desktop super powers with our Heroes of DC Comics Wallpaper collection.

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Do you love the historic beauty of old-world castles? Then you will definitely want to grab a copy of the Castles of Europe theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with 21 gorgeous wallpapers showcasing medieval ruins, Gothic Re...

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Mario has a meeting with his agent to discuss an image makeover, some changes to his identity, and his current problems with P.E.T.A. So much for being known as Jumpman and his relationship with his fiancée Pauline! What oth...

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In the above video from Smarter Ever Day they visit the National Electronics Museum and get a first person look at how microwaves work and why nearly every microwave you’ll ever own has a turn table.

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Overwhelmingly, you do it with Dropbox. Despite the proliferation of different platforms there has been little inroads made into any sort of universal syncing. We heard from quite a few different readers and by far the most popular option was to use Dropbox to ensure that you could get the music and documents you wanted whether you were on your desktop, laptop, netbook, iPhone, or Android device.

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Whether you’re trying to hang Christmas lights, amateur radio antennas, or anything else you might want to hang from a high vantage point, this specially designed “spud gun” can get the job done.

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Fish [deviantART]

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The titles normally cost $4.99-6.99 and, from now through the weekend, cost only $0.99. Included in the sale are Order & Chaos Online, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Spider-Man : Total Mayhem, Eternal Legacy, Fishing Kings,...

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After surviving another long week Friday has finally arrived, so while you are waiting out those last few hours why not sneak in a bit of fun? In this week’s game you must work your way through a series of rooms with block puzzles in order to escape to freedom.

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We cover a lot of articles that feature accessing files and features from inside and outside of your network. This usually entails forwarding ports, something that may seem daunting for beginners, but it’s actually pretty simple to do.

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Every week we dig into our reader mailbag and share the tips and tricks you email in. This week we’re highlighting a how to extract audio from any video file with VLC, sneaking around news site paywalls, and how to delay Windows Live Mesh from loading right away.

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Being asked to verify your age at different websites is nothing new, but the MyCrysis website decided to take a different approach…

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Just when you think you have seen some of the most interesting things created in Minecraft so far here is something all new for you to look at. Various individuals have worked together to create a fleet of World War II era ba...

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Andy Baio, over at, hunted down the anonymous creator of Telehack and interview him via the Telehack network–which is perfectly fitting. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

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If a digital picture frame seems too dull this interesting DIY frame actively sniffs Wi-Fi traffic and displays the pictures it finds.

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