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Envious of modern cars that have built-in iPhone chargers and the like? Be jealous no more; this simple DIY tutorial guides you through converting the ashtray in your older ride into a smartphone dock.

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Fixing Computers (Full-Size Version) [Ty Devries - Something of That Ilk Blog]

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Perhaps there are a few more steps between 49 semi-autonomous quadcopters doing a little aerial dancing and Skynet, but we’re awed and apprehensive at the same time. Check out the video to see them in action.

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This week’s game involves an ‘explosive’ combination of trains, bridges, and dynamite! Your mission is to stop these trains from crossing the various bridges using ingenuity and a limited supply of explosives. Can you destroy all the bridge designs and building materials you encounter or will your carefully thought out plans of destruction fail?

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Connect a USB stick to a Windows computer – even on Windows 8 – and Windows will ask if you want to speed up your system using ReadyBoost. But what exactly is ReadyBoost, and will it actually speed up your computer?

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Firefox 15 includes an all new PDF reader built into the browser–for those of you wondering, that means you can finally disable the Adobe PDF Plugin and uninstall it once and for all.

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Once a week we round up some great tips from the HTG tip box and share them with you; this week we’re looking at location based to-do reminders for Android phones, how to make your own floppy drive symphony, and an easy way to enjoy anywhere access to your manuals and product documentation.

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Think you would know what to do if the zombie apocalypse happened today? This awesome flow-chart from Game Informer can help you make the right decisions based on your location or time period!

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It’s Coming Alive! [via Fail Desk]

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