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Last week we took a look at some of the basics to installing and upgrading a hard disk in your PC. This week, we’re going to look at the many problems that pop up when install a new drive.

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When you visit a website you actually share information with more websites than the one you see in the address bar. Read on to find out how to stop websites from tracking your browsing habits using Internet Explorer 9.

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Once  week we pull some of the more interesting questions from our reader mailbag and share the solutions with you. Today we’re looking at changing icon font color in Windows, searching networked drives, and removing photo backgrounds.

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Have you ever tried to change the type of a section break in Word and only managed to ruin your sections and have to set them up and format them all over again?

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Android: The already impressive Google Goggles application has a new trick up its sleeve, real-time image searching. You can now set your phone camera to always search for matches in the Google database.

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What do you get when you mix a pico projector, a cheap fish eye lens, and a $6 frosted lamp shade? An amazing DIY snow globe-style projection surface perfect for 3D projections of the Earth and other celestial bodies.

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It’s not everyday you get to see a time lapse video taken from orbit around the earth; sit back and enjoy this stunning time lapse video taken from a perspective only enjoyed by satellites and Superman.

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If you want to try out the new Windows 8 but don’t have a CPU that supports virtualization, check out our guide on how to get all the goodness of Windows 8 along side Windows 7 by dual booting.

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Keeping your home stereo in a cabinet helps with noise and protects your equipment from pets and kids. Game consoles, receivers, and STBs don’t work well in saunas; so here’s how to keep your entertainment center cool automatically.

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Using the command line seems rugged and unpleasant, but Linux has a way to ease things up and help you get things done with the command line by allowing you to use aliases to customize how you type commands.

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This week we learned how to check if your CPU supports second level address translation (SLAT), speed up Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, create your own Windows 8 shortcuts, understand those confusing Windows 7 file/share permissions, looked through a roundup of the best Linux home server apps, and more.

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Areas of grassland can be beautiful, especially when the grass is tall and the wind is blowing…almost like watching a green inland sea. Turn your desktop into a refreshing sea of green with the first in our series of Grasslands Wallpaper collections.

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Are you ready to fill your desktop with super-powered goodness? Then you will definitely want to download the Marvel Comics theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with 42 Hi-Res wallpapers, custom Marvel super hero icons, and s...

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Want to take the next generation of Windows for a free test drive? Of course you do; it’s still got that new car smell. Read on to see how you can combine the Windows 8 developer release with VirtualBox for free next-gen OS exploration.

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Earlier this week we asked whether you were the first in line to try out new things—operating systems, upgrades, etc.—and now we’re back with a roundup of your responses.

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If you’ve got a soft spot for freebie–and who doesn’t?–Hey It’s Free! catalogs freebies from across the web.

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Giant Cupcake [deviantART]

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Super Smash Land is Super Smash Bros reimagined as a Gameboy release; grab a copy of this polished fan game for free.

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