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Are you experiencing frustration since no one has built and released an official charging dock for the iPhone 5 yet? Then this quick little DIY charging dock project may be the perfect solution to your problem and serve as a ...

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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As far as DIY stands for multiple monitors go, this design has to be the sturdiest and least difficult to construct model we’ve seen in some time. Read on to see how one DIYer cleverly crafted a solid metal triple monit...

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite tips, tricks, and tools for sharing photos with friends and family. Now we’re back to highlight the ways HTG readers share their pics.

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Android: Field Trip is a free mobile app that acts like a local tour guide, alerting you to landmarks, historical sites, and unique local attractions. A simple walk around your city’s down town can turn into a history l...

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Sometimes a person just runs out of patience while waiting for those videos to play without buffering…

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The process of making a large image out of mosaic of smaller image “pixels” is certainly nothing new; this rendition of Starry Night using images from the Hubble telescope, however, is a particularly fitting use of the technique.

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This week’s game literally lives up to its name…forty locked doors and forty tests of your problem solving skills. Some of the solutions will be obvious, but others will test your patience to solve them. Do you have what it takes to escape forty times or will you be locked up in defeat?

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Internet Explorer-haters often say that the only good use for Internet Explorer is downloading Firefox or Chrome. But if you really don’t like IE, you can use Windows’ built-in FTP support to download and install Firefox without ever opening IE.

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