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If you’re looking to pack a little computing power into your kitchen you’d be hard pressed to beat this built-in kitchen computer complete with a massive 17″ touch screen interface.

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Want to enjoy some snow-powered goodness on your computer? Then browse on over to Microsoft’s ‘Let It Snow’ HTML5 demo page!

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We frequently look back at the early days of computing, but we rarely get a chance to see how people in that age saw computers. This 1958 video gives us a peek.

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Christmas and holiday parties mean getting lots of family and friends together. And getting the family together usually means lots and lots of pictures! Here’s some of HTG’s favorite tips for better photos this holiday.

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We’ve previously shown you how to modify the icon on an .EXE file, but if you’ve tried this you might find out that some apps and programs give you an error that says “This file has a non-standard resource layout… it has probably been compressed with an “EXE compressor”. Here’s how to fix it.

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The Amazon Kindle Fire is a great tablet, but it’s a little sparse when you first take the device out of the box and power it on. There are no books to read, no music and not very many apps. Prepare yourself before leaving the house with your new toy. Here are some things you’ll want to do the first time you fire up your Kindle Fire.

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Around this time of year quite a few people are spending a bit of time waiting: waiting for flights to arrive, watching the time clock before the holiday, riding shotgun to Grandma’s house. This week we want to hear all about your favorite mobile games and how they help pass the time.

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Curious about the top ten videos on YouTube this year? Think you know which videos made the cut? Then test your knowledge versus this compilation video from Google.

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Every time you leave the house with your laptop or other mobile devices, there is the possibility that they could be stolen along with all of the personal data you have on them. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a new gu...

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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If you’re short on time and decorating skills but you’ve got some LEDs laying around in your workshop, this quick and dirty tutorial will help you craft some geeky robot LED decorations.

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This clever video takes time lapse footage to a whole new level by shooting multiple scenes of LA through a snow globe with a constantly changing array of bokeh patterns.

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This terrific video provides a quick look at why DNS came into being, its effect on the internet, and the importance of DNS to the internet as we know it.

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Normally we see clever IKEA hacks executed by individual tinkers; this hack is a delightfully large scale holiday illumination project on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal.

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We should point out that you can also scan your PC with a BitDefender boot disk, a Kapersky boot disk, an Avira boot disk, or even an Ubuntu Live CD, but this is one more tool to add into your toolkit.

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You’ve heard it time and time again: back up your data. There are plenty of backup solutions, but nothing is better than an easy and free solution. So with a few lines of code and a very helpful program called WinSCP, we’re going to set up an automatic sync between your FTP server and your home computer.

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Even if you think you’ve maxed out the usefulness of your iPad there’s still opportunities to squeeze even more utility out of it. Read on as we show you how to use your iPad as a supplementary monitor for your PC or Mac.

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View a Translated Version of the 3D News Post

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