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The most colorful time of year has arrived for those of you in the northern hemisphere and we have just what you need to make your desktop match the season. Turn your desktop into a vibrant wonderland of Fall color with our Autumn 2012 Wallpaper collection.

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The Windows Task Scheduler can automatically send email at a specific time or in response to a specific event, but its integrated email feature won’t work very well for most users.

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Are you looking for a theme that has a mix of landscape and metro-based scenery? Then you may want to have a look at the Visions of Romania Theme for Windows 7 and 8. The theme comes with nine images featuring the work of pho...

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Cell phone technology has come a long way since the early days and it is progress that we can all be thankful for. This commercial from 1989 features a positively gigantic model when compared to today’s small and sleek cell phones.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Sunrise simulators use a gradually brightening light to wake you in the morning. Check out this creative build that combines a microprocessor, addressable LEDs, and a nifty laser-cut bracket to yield a polished and wall-mountable alarm clock lamp.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your must have presentation tools and tricks; read on to see how your fellow readers jazz up their presentations and keep things flowing smoothly.

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Last night was the 22nd Ig Nobel award ceremony. If you weren’t there to experience the festivities first hand, don’t despair–you can watch the entire ceremony here.

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This used to be my h*** [via Reddit - Tech Support Gore]

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