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This DIY add-on switches a standard fog machine from always-on to motion-activated–increase your savings and spook factor at the same time.

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Normally drops of water are automatically ‘absorbed’ into a larger pool of water when contact is made, but there is one way to stop those water drops from coalescing with the rest: vibration. This awesome video sh...

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The European Southern Observatory has released an absolutely enormous picture of the center of the Milky Way captured by their VISTA telescope–the image is 9 gigapixels and captures over 84 million stars.

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Some people think that task killers are important on Android. By closing apps running in the background, you’ll get improved performance and battery life – that’s the idea, anyway. In reality, task killers can reduce your performance and battery life.

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You’re into technology, you like tweaking and tinkering with computers, and, most importantly, you know how to keep your computer from turning into a virus-laden and fiery wreck. What about the rest of your family and friends? How do you set up a novice-proof computer to keep them secure, updated, and happy?

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Freshening up the scenery on your desktop every so often can help make the time spent in front of your computer more pleasant. Today’s featured theme will add a dramatic look to your desktop with a terrific set of Spect...

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Every time you want to open a new document of one kind or another in Google Drive you have to go through the whole ‘menu’ and ‘type selection’ process to do so. Now you can open the desired type direct...

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Windows 8 ships with built-in apps available on the Modern UI screen (formerly the Metro or Start screen), such as Mail, Calendar, Photos, Music, Maps, and Weather. Installing additional Modern UI apps is easy using the Windows Store, and uninstalling apps is just as easy.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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