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If pre-flight safety briefings routinely involved Hobbits and wizards, we can only imagine more people would pay attention.

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When it comes to buying a USB charger one is just as good as another so you might as well buy the cheapest one, right? This interesting and detailed analysis of name brand, off-brand, and counterfeit chargers will have you rethinking that stance.

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A young woman riding the train at night becomes involved in an interesting conversation with a young man about vampires. She thinks vampires are mysterious and misunderstood, but will she still feel the same way by the time the train ride is over?

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Gmail has several new features that make it even easier to compose email messages including pop-over compositions windows (similar to the Google Chat window), contact profile pictures in the address box, and drag and drop address switching.

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You can change the default search provider in the Modern version of Internet Explorer 10, but Microsoft hides this option well. You won’t find it in IE’s Settings charm – you’ll have to change this setting from the desktop.

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These days nearly every website on the web is trying to gather every piece of information they can about you and your browsing habits. Here’s how you can prevent them from getting perhaps the most sensitive piece of information, your physical location, while browsing the web in the Metro IE.

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It’s a question that nags at anyone who has fallen in love with portable apps: why aren’t all applications portable?

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Star Wars, Stormtrooper, SD Card, Macro, Lego [The Paper Wall]

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Halloween has arrived and all of your favorite video game characters are out and about collecting lots of candy goodness. The question is whether or not all will be successful in collecting treats or if the tricks will be on them!

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