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While competitive gaming is fun, reader response to this week’s Ask the Readers question shows that good old beat-the-bad-guys-together cooperative gaming is as popular as ever. Read on to see what your fellow readers are playing.

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What happens if you change cellular automaton program Game of Life to use floating point values instead of integers? You end up with SmoothLife, a fluid and organic growth simulator.

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Parenting Fails – Fail Blog [via Fail Desk]

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Remember the guy with the cool DIY astronaut ice cream build? He’s back with a mini hybrid rocket engine that runs off oxygen and acrylic.

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This week’s game will test your ability to aim accurately, work quickly, and keep focused all at the same time. Just eliminate the entire chain marbles before it reaches the end of the track, but is it as easy to do as it sounds? There is only one way to find out!

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Google Calendar isn’t just a tool to keep track of your own events. You can subscribe to a number of special calendars that automatically update with the latest weather, sports games, air times for your favorite TV shows, and more.

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Once a week we round up some great reader tips and share them with everyone, this week we’re looking at outputting your Xbox 360 to two screens, spooky high-tech Halloween props, and recycling old flash drives as password reset disks.

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Spaceships, Planets, Asteroids [The Paper Wall]

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If one of your security goals is to encrypt your communication with websites as much as possible, then you will definitely be pleased with the latest update to the HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox and Chrome. This lates...

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