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Anyone who has played online multiplayer games, especially those focused on combat, can attest to how caustic other players can be. League of Legends creators are fighting that, rather successfully, with a positive-reinforcement honor system.

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This week Action Comics Superman #14 hits the stands and DC comics reveals the actual location of Kyrpton, delivered by none other than beloved astrophysicist Neil Tyson.

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Recently we ran across an article about a man who consistently changes his e-mail address every 20 months. Why? To throw off spam. With that in mind we became curious and decided to ask how often you change your e-mail addresses…

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Boy, they sure were ambitious back in the 70s; while today we’re happy to have a small apartment-sized environment in orbit, back then they were dreaming of entire cities in space.

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Do you have an old PC you want to sell, but also want to use your Windows license on your new PC ? There is a hidden command in Windows that allows you to do just that. Read on to find out more.

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When it comes to selling your old digital equipment you usually should wipe it of all digital traces with something like DBAN, however if you can’t there are some precautions you should take–here’s one related to Flash content you may have viewed on your PC.

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Increasingly GPUs are being used for non-graphical tasks like risk computations, fluid dynamics calculations, and seismic analysis. What’s to stop us from adopting GPU-driven devices?

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Stars, Milky Way, Mountains, Landscape, Galaxy [The Paper Wall]

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