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If you get a lot of forwards from well meaning relatives and want to instantly and effortlessly verify their content, LazyTruth is a Chrome extension that fact-checks forwarded emails in Gmail.

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iGoogle has less than a year to go before it’s shut down for good on November 1, 2013. While Google seems to think that iGoogle isn’t necessary anymore, there are other services waiting to take its place.

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Although you can use metered connections to get the most of your bandwidth in Windows 8, at times you may want to know how much data you have used for a single browsing session. Here’s how to do it.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as how the FBI and CIA can read your e-mail, Blizzard admits to wrongfully banning a Diablo 3 Linux user and refunds his money, e-mailed malware disguised as group coupon offers are increasing, and more.

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Google, Dropbox, LastPass,, Guild Wars 2 – all these services and more offer two-factor authentication apps that work on smartphones. If you don’t have a supported device, you can run an alternative application on your computer.

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Have you ever been connected to a network and wanted to know if you could see who is copying stuff from your PC? Here’s how to do it with the built in Windows tools.

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