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Windows users have been able to minimize every window on their desktop ever since keyboards with the Win key started showing up — just tap WIN + M on your keyboard, and every window is minimized. For Mac OS X, it’s not quite as simple.

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Your smartphone needs a recharge yet again and you’re miles from the charger at home; that public charging kiosk is looking pretty promising–just plug your phone in and get the sweet, sweet, energy you crave. What could possible go wrong, right? Thanks to common traits in cellphone hardware and software design, quite a few things–read on to learn more about juice jacking and how to avoid it.

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So you have multiple computers and you want to keep your files in sync, but you don’t want to store them on someone else’s servers. You’ll want a service that synchronizes files directly between your computers.

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One of the big new features in Apple’s iOS 7 is Control Center, which allows you to quickly access and toggle common setting from anywhere. However, Android phones have had quick toggles for a long time.

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Google Play is full of task managers for Android. These utilities can show you apps running in the background, kill running apps, and otherwise manage your apps — but you don’t need to install any third-party software to do this.

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If you’re using a password manager and it’s not the cloud-based LastPass, it’s probably KeePass. KeePass is a completely open-source password manager that stores all your sensitive data locally. However, this means that it isn’t quite as well-integrated as other solutions.

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Sometimes the best part of hiking along wilderness pathways is the unexpected beauty you find along the way, other times it is the wonderful peace and solitude that you can immerse yourself in. Escape to hidden destinations on your desktop with the second in our series or Wilderness Pathways Wallpaper collections.

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Creating secure passwords for our online accounts is a necessary evil due to the huge increase in database and account hacking that occurs these days. The problem, though, is that no two companies have a similar policy for complex and secure password creation; then factor in the continued creation of insecure passwords or multi-site use of the same password and trouble is just waiting to happen. Ars Technica decided to take a look at multiple password types, how users fared with them, and how well those password types held up to cracking attempts in their latest study.

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After switching to OS X when I got a new MacBook Air, one of the first things I needed to duplicate was my extremely customized AutoHotkey setup — the most important of which is using the J and K keys to navigate throughout tabbed windows easily. Yeah, I’m a Vim user.

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The Auto-Complete feature in Outlook 2013 automatically fills in names and email addresses for you when entering them in the To or Cc fields. Based on the characters you start to enter, Outlook displays a list of possible choices that match what you’ve entered.

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It’s a common situation — you have several computers near each other and you want to transfer files between them. You don’t have to pull out a USB drive, nor do you have to send them over email — there are faster, easier ways.

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Your computer consumes a large amount of power just idling there awaiting your command, so does charging a smartphone or tablet off one of the USB ports impose much of a demand on it?

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Many people have been eager to have Google Now working in their Chrome browsers and this week that dream got one step closer to reality. The first teasers that the new feature is becoming active have started to appear, so now is a good time to activate the switch for it and be ready for its arrival.

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After getting a new MacBook Air and deciding to try out OS X for a while, I started wondering why the battery would suddenly start dying really fast, but only when I was sitting at the kitchen table. That’s when I noticed the display brightness kept changing on its own… and realized the problem.

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If you are working on a large spreadsheet where all the rows and columns of data don’t fit on the screen, it would be helpful to be able to keep the heading rows and columns stationary so you can scroll through the data.

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Many programs want to send usage statistics, error logs, and crash reports — data about how you use the application and what problems occurred — to their servers. Some people disable these options, but should you?

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For almost everyone who made the upgrade, Windows 8 proved to be something of a disappointment for one reason or another. Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) was released to address many of the issues users had complained about, including reintroducing the ability to boot straight to the desktop.

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