f.lux changes the color temperature of your computer’s display depending on the time of day. Everything’s normal during the day, but f.lux users warmer colors after sunset to match your indoor lighting.

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Your Internet service provider runs DNS servers for you, but you don’t have to use them. You can use third-party DNS servers instead, which offer a variety of features that your ISP probably doesn’t.

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We warned you at the beginning of the year that many of your browser extensions are spying on you, tracking what you are visiting, and even inserting ads into pages. These aren’t just no-name developers either: even Avast, one of the most trusted antivirus vendors was in on the game.

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Outputting your computer to your HDTV via HDMI works well. Unfortunately, your computer’s location depends upon the length of your cable. With Google Chromecast, however, you can literally mirror any browser tab or even your desktop, from anywhere, in just a few clicks.

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The FBI isn’t happy about the latest versions of iOS and Android using encryption by default. FBI director James Comey has been blasting both Apple and Google. Microsoft is never mentioned — but Windows 8.1 uses encryption by default, too.

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Being able to send out e-mail using your own domain name can be very nice, but what do you do when someone starts spewing out spam mail using your domain name? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post discusses the matter to help a frustrated reader.

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iPads and iPhones give you control over how your kids can use your devices. You can quickly lock your device to a certain app before handing it over or lock down an entire device with comprehensive parental controls.

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Authy is supposed to make two-factor authentication simple and painless by centralizing your accounts into one app. Sounds awesome, but is it safe? Let’s look into it further and find out.

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