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What’s with all the sites these days with fonts so small you can barely see them? Safari has a really useful feature where you can set the browser to never use those tiny fonts again.

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Let’s face it, we all know people that still only use email. Here is an easy way to email an interesting web page to your contacts.

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If you share a computer you know how important it is to keep your personal data and surfing habits private.  You could always use the Private Browsing feature, but what if you forget?  You can clear your session data by using the Reset feature in Safari.

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I like to have the quickest access possible to folders on my desktop, which usually means putting something onto the taskbar if possible. You can add the Computer menu as a folder on the taskbar for the easiest access to your drives. You could also use this tip for any folder you want.

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The “Go” button in Firefox is rarely used and takes up space on the screen, although not all that much. If you want, you can easily disable it to give your address bar more room.

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Flip3D is pretty much the most useless feature in Windows Vista (and 7). It’s slower than Alt+Tab and pretty much completely worthless in every way. You’d be much better off using one of the Expose clones out there (Switcher, MyExpose, SmartFlip, etc) or you can completely disable this feature with a simple registry patch.

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My favorite feature in the latest version of VMware Workstation is that you can run virtual machines entirely in the background. This is most useful for “appliance” machines that you won’t actually use from the prompt, but through a web browser or ssh client.

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The new Safari browser has a very nice RSS reader built right in. For those of you that aren’t familiar, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are the wave of the future. You can get articles in your inbox, browser, or desktop feed reader without actually having to check every site on your list.

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Web browsers today have evolved into incredible free software tools for Internet management. Apple’s Safari Web Browser now available for Windows is yet another choice for the web savvy. One built in feature that caught my attention is the Private Browsing feature. This allows you to hide your surfing tracks during any given session. What is really nice is the fact it’s integrated in right from the install. There are no plug ins to download, install, and configure.

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I’m not a toolbar fan, especially if the bar takes up my viewing space, so I always try and find the most minimal setup possible.

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