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The new taskbar previews in Windows Vista are pretty slick, but they seem to stop working for me after a while. This isn’t a permanent fix, but it does solve the problem on a temporary basis.

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The new Explorer window in Windows 7 and Vista doesn’t have an Up button, which drives me completely batty. Thankfully I found a keyboard shortcut replacement.

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Whenever you enter user credentials into Internet Explorer, map a drive to a remote server, or connect to a Windows domain, you are given the opportunity to save your password. What you may not realize is that you can backup or restore the list of those credentials using a mostly hidden control panel utility.

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Windows is well-known for having driver and .dll conflicts, as well as all sorts of software that causes problems with your computer. Luckily there’s a System restore feature that can return your computer back to a known working configuration, as long as you’ve created a restore point.

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One of the more frustrating tasks in Word has is trying to continue a numbered list when it gets broken. In Word 2007 you can use the smart tags to easily continue the numbered list.

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If you have large and long workbooks or Excel spreadsheets, being able to see the column or row labels is extremely important.  Here is a quick way to freeze the labels in place for fast and easy viewing of your data.

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I am the IT Administrator at an electric cooperative. Being that we geeks work with electronic components constantly it would be a shame if I didn’t cover the compact fluorescent bulb (CFL’s). CFL’s are those crazy spiral bulbs you are seeing more and more of everyday. These bulbs are highly efficient compared to the old standard light bulb.

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When I switched to Vista, one of the biggest annoyances was that Trillian started opening links in Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, even though Firefox is set as my default browser and works everywhere else.

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The Keyboard Ninja uses shortcut keys to accomplish tasks in less time than using the mouse. He uses the keyboard to launch applications, switch between windows or tabs, or change settings on his computer.

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If you frequently use Microsoft Word and want to achieve Keyboard Ninja status, you need to learn how to add tables to your Word document without touching the mouse.

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