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After becoming addicted to the new experimental Google Beta Shortcuts that let you navigate through results with your keyboard, it started to irritate me that I didn’t get to use the shortcut keys when I use a quick search in the Firefox address bar using the “?” keyword. Good thing it’s a very simple to change.

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In Excel if you have a long entry in a cell the text automatically spans into multiple columns. Here’s how simple Excel 2007 makes the task of wrapping text in worksheet cells.

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Excel has a zoom feature so that you can increase the size of the entire document, but sometimes you just want to zoom in on a specific set of cells that you are working on, and Excel 2007 makes this task simple.

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Chart, numbers, worksheets … at a business presentation it can get rather monotonous looking at the same data sheets.  Here is a way to add background graphics to your Excel spreadsheets to spice up those meetings.

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For those of you who care about the iPhone make sure you get this update.

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Do you sigh when it comes to starting up your computer because it takes what seems an eternity to boot up?  Here is a quick tip which should make your computer start up faster by removing startup items quickly.

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If you want to backup your DVD’s many times the data on the disc goes over the 4.7GB mark. The most reliable software solution I use is DVD Shrink. This free application allows you to compress various parts of the DVD you want to backup. You can get rid of titles, long credit endings, and completely backup and entire DVD to your Hard Drive. You can also compress audio, delete extra languages, in fact you can completely re-author an entire DVD! When used with DVD burning software such as Nero it is a breeze to backup your DVD collection.

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So you’ve got MySQL on your web server, but it’s only opened to local ports by default for security reasons. If you want to access your database from a client tool like the MySQL Query Browser, normally you’d have to open up access from your local IP address… but that’s not nearly as secure.

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After a dozen times of accidentally sending a Word 2007 document to co-workers still stuck on Office 2003, I’ve decided to make Word save in the Word 2003 format by default. (you can do the same thing in Excel)

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When I need to perform a repetitive task such as checking my email or switching to an open IM window, the quickest option is to assign a hotkey directly to the window, so I can toggle the window minimized/restored with nothing more than a single keystroke.

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