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Word 2007 has a ton of great effects that can be added to pictures in your documents, and they are all quickly accessible via the Format tab on the Ribbon.

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Note: This is the first edition of the Geek Comic, which will be a weekly comic featuring the Geek and a number of other interesting characters. Subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest comic as well as your daily dose of How-To articles. Suggestions for new comics are welcome.

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If you want to share a small part of your Excel worksheet but don’t want to send an Excel file, you can copy part of the worksheet to the clipboard as a picture instead, which can be pasted into any application that supports images, such as your favorite image editor.

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When you are including graphics in a Word document many times you want to place the image in a particular way or at a certain angle. Word 2007 has just the tool for the job.

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I have begun Alpha testing on Cerulean Studios Trillian Astra the new version of the Trillian IM client. I thought I would share with you the look and feel of this new application as it goes through development. Remember, this is still in Alpha testing.

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If you like to use Windows Calculator to perform quick calculations while in Excel, you can save time by adding it to your Quick Access Toolbar. This should work for any version of Excel that has the Ribbon.

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Completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer is one huge hassle. If you happened to download the version with the iPhone update it’s even more so. The program likes to claw itself deep into your system. The following is a series of screen shots demonstrating the hassle. This is removal of iTunes 7.3 from an XP machine.

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As I wrote in my previous post; Apple upset me pretty bad with it’s iPhone update. Also, iTunes’ horrible performance on Vista leaves nothing to be desired. The iPhone update was the final straw for me. I have decided to ditch iTunes for a new music player. To read about the nightmare of completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer check out “iTunes Uninstall Hassle“. I have been an iTunes user for many years. So choosing a new player is not going to be easy. Many trials and tribulations are ahead in this quest. I have decided to document my findings as I go along.

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Having switched from Ubuntu to Kubuntu recently, the first thing that irritated me beyond all reason was that single-clicking on a file or folder immediately opens the file instead of selecting it. Since I use Windows and Ubuntu on a daily basis, it’s just frustrating that it works differently in KDE.

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If you are a Firefox power user like I am, then you probably have dozens of tabs open all the time. After trying a number of different options, I’ve finally settled on using multiple rows of tabs as the best option.

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