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According to Microsoft’s own knowledge base there are several issues with the Indexing Service used in XP to provide the so called “faster searching”. I believe there is a good deal of resources used to run the indexing service that reduce performance of XP. Also, the benefit you get from it is questionable at best. So, lets go ahead and turn it off. If you find no noticeable improvement you can always turn it back on.

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Ever wondered what that little button in the lower left-hand corner of the Windows Vista logon screen is? If you’ve clicked on it, you know that it’s the Ease of Access button, useful for people with disabilities (or if your keyboard breaks)

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If you’ve started noticing that your sound is disabled in Windows Vista after you wake your computer from Sleep mode or hibernate, then you are in luck, because Microsoft has a hotfix for this issue.

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I’m the type of geek that always has an open ssh session connected to my servers, but ever since I switched to using a Mac running OS X, I noticed a huge annoyance in my terminal… the syntax highlighting makes it impossible to read the files I’m trying to edit.

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Scanning your PC for spyware can be a boring process.  Well there is a cool “Easter egg” in Spybot Search and Destroy which allows you to play a game of removing squares to reveal a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.  This works in Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4

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It’s nice when you find an easter egg in a piece of software and it’s actually useful. Our favorite Anti-Spyware tool, Spybot, has a great hidden feature to help you pass the time when running a manual scan… a game!

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One of the most popular articles around here has been the article I wrote a year ago about using different wallpapers on each desktop using Active Desktop in Windows XP. The problem with that article is that it didn’t work in Windows Vista… but now we have a great solution that is also free.

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If you’ve got an Ubuntu machine that you initially installed with Ubuntu Desktop, but would like to run as a server, you can just disable the graphical environment from starting up in order to save resources. This is also useful for doing system maintenance from the command line that needs to be performed outside of the GUI.

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If you are still using Hotmail but would prefer to access your email from a desktop client, then you might be interested to know that Microsoft has released a connector that will allow you to send and receive Hotmail or Office Live Mail through Outlook 2003 or 2007.

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Green Computing is all the rage now, I thought I would share some useful tips on saving electricity with PC’s.  I manage around 100 PC’s where I work and I set each new PC I roll out to utilize XP’s power management.  Since our company still utilizes XP Professional the following examples are using Windows XP.  The process if fairly similar in Vista as well.

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