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My favorite application to burn ISO images is ISO Recorder V2.  I have been using this application for a couple of years and like it because it is so simple and free (although donations are gladly accepted). 

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Instead of using the Google Talk client embedded in Gmail, why not use it in your sidebar instead? Thanks to the gTalk sidebar extension, we can do just that.

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Virtualization Technology (VT) is a set of enhancements to newer processors that improve performance for running a virtual machine by offloading some of the work to the new cpu extensions. Both AMD and Intel have processors that support this technology, but how do you tell if your system can handle it?

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After reformatting your computer’s hard drive and doing clean install of Windows XP, using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard utility built into XP makes the process easy.  Also, if you have purchased a new computer you can transfer your files and settings to the new machine.  In Part 1 I will go through saving your files and settings from your old machine.

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The calculator options on Linux just blows the Windows calculator away. Imagine a calculator where you can solve extremely complicated expressions, or just convert between different measurements, and you’ve got Qalculate.

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In prior versions of Windows before Vista, you could always open control panel items by passing control.exe the name of the *.cpl file that represented the item you were trying to open. For instance, if you wanted to open the display properties you could run the command “control.exe desk.cpl”.

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Instead of re-typing long, painful error messages whenever you are trying to Google for a solution, did you know you can simply use Ctrl+C to copy the text of the message to the clipboard?

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The Scheduled Tasks feature of XP and Vista often seems to be overlooked.  This is a great tool to use for Automating Maintenance tasks for the OS.  There are a lot of things you can do with this handy utility.  In the following shots I demonstrate scheduling a Disk Cleanup in Windows XP.  Later this week I will feature the extra settings and features included in Task Scheduler in Vista.

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I have barely given this application justice with this post.  If you are a music connoisseur or looking for an easy way to convert your home recording files to mp3 you should download dBpoweramp!  dBpoweramp works great on both XP and Vista.  I look forward to hearing your experiences! 

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I’ve noticed quite a number of people mentioning that I’m covering Vista too much (is that possible?) and have requested that I cover more topics… so I’m going to open it up to you, the readers, for suggestions on what topics I should branch out into.

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