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If you are tired of the way certain keys on your system work, such as the Caps Lock key, you can re-map them to function as a different key by using a registry hack. But there should be an easier way, right?

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One of the biggest irritations of using the built-in Mail application on OS X is the antiquated reading pane that shows up below the message list, especially since most modern email clients let you move the reading pane to the right to take advantage of our widescreen monitors.

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Ok!  In Part 1 we went through and set up the basic configuration for our Virtual PC using Windows Virtual PC 2007.  Now lets go ahead and load the Operating System and look at some of the features.

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After writing about how to see the number of times an article has been bookmarked on, it occurred to me that it would be incredibly easy to write an application to loop through all the pages on a website and check the count for each one, giving a total at the end.

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My good friend Daniel asked me yesterday how to change Firefox so that Shift+Enter auto-completes *.org instead of *.net. After about a 2 minute google session, I had the answer to share with everybody.

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Why should Vista Ultimate get all of the cool toys like Virtual PC?  You can add Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to your existing XP box now.  This is a free download from Microsoft.  In this post I am going to go through the set up and basic configuration of a virtual machine on Windows XP.  I find this most useful for other Microsoft OS’s.  If you want to run Linux an other alternative OS on Windows I would check out vmware.

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In IT having good backups is extremely essential.  Your worst nightmare is when an end user deletes the company yearly accounting reports.  If your business is using Server 2003 getting those files back in a hurry is extremely easy with the Shadow Copy feature.  This feature was added to Server 2003 for just such instances.  In fact, by educating the end users they can retrieve the files without having to involve IT.

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So you installed Windows DreamScene through Windows Update, but where did it go? You can’t find it in the start menu anywhere, and it’s not in Program Files… Turns out that just installing it doesn’t always mean that it’s enabled.

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If you like the way Ubuntu requires you to enter your username and password instead of clicking on an icon, you can enable the same thing for Windows Vista in a somewhat similar style logon process. This is really most useful for home users, as domain users should already see this screen.

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