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A couple of weeks ago when I posted the last Great Geek Sites roundup I had included Jatecblog, a great new blog covering Linux and open source topics. Since that time their blog went down because of hosting problems.

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One of the ancillary benefits of our Vista Gadget breaking and my email filling up with complaints was that I learned how to debug a Vista Gadget in Visual Studio, so I’m sharing the wealth with everybody.

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Some time ago I received an email from a reader curious why their Task Manager option was grayed out on the taskbar right-click menu. After a bit of research his problem was solved, and now I’m sharing the solution with everybody.

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Yesterday was just unlucky. Not only did a server crash at work, but the How-To Geek Vista gadget just stopped working. After learning how to debug sidebar gadgets (more on that later) I finally found the problem: Our gadget had been blocked by Feedburner.

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Spybot Search and Destroy seems to be getting a bad rap in the press lately, which I wrote about in July.  Then I read an article in PC World last month and they were also slamming this free application.  Well, the heck with them!  Let’s take a look at the new version of Spybot 1.5

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If you’ve ever tried to move your Windows Live Writer settings from one computer to another you’ll know what a royal pain that can turn out to be. Sure, you can backup the registry and all the files in your application data directory, but it just turns out to be a mess.

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While working on the instructions for compiling MonoDevelop from source, I relied heavily on the dpkg and apt-cache commands to tell me what was already installed vs what packages were available in the repository. After completing that article it occurred to me that I should explain how to show what packages are currently installed… so here we are.

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After reading a post from my friend Daniel about the new release of MonoDevelop, I decided to try and install it… which is when I realized that the installation from source is so painful I’d better figure it out and share it with everybody else.

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The common Open/Save dialogs are so prevalent in Windows applications that each little annoyance ends up driving us crazy after a while. The most frustrating thing for me is that you can’t save your view mode, so every time I have to switch it back to details mode.

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When I wrote the article a few days ago celebrating the first year of How-To Geek, I had originally included a section called “Things I’ve Learned”, but it made the article far too long… so I’m posting that here just in case I didn’t bore you enough with the first article.

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