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SpywareBlaster is a great freeware utility to add to your arsenal to combat evilness on the Internet.  SpywareBlaster is a shield against harmful malicious software that can cause problems with your PC.  While nothing is 100% effective … using this light utility and keeping Spybot Search and Destroy’s Immunization Database current will protect you very well.

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I’ve received dozens of emails asking how to restore the show desktop icon once you’ve deleted it, so I have a solution for everybody: I’ve zipped up a copy of the shortcut, and you can download it here.

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If you switch resolutions a lot you’ve probably experienced the problem with Windows moving your icons around every time it switches to a lower resolution, such as when playing a video game or hooking up your laptop to an external display.

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If you are a blogger that doesn’t want to show off your subscriber numbers, take note: Even though you aren’t displaying the Feedcount widget, if you’ve enabled it at any point we can still see your subscriber numbers if we just know the right URL to go to.

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If you’re a guitar player practicing with a metronome is very important in improving your timing and rhythm.  If you don’t own one or do not always carry it with you, has a very cool free online Metronome you can use.   Just make sure your speakers are hooked up and your off to practice land.

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Our motto here has always been “Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek”, and we try to provide help in the friendliest mode possible. Since we’d like to be more efficient in helping you I decided to write up some tips on the best way to get help.

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Every time I connect to my Ubuntu development server through my ssh client, I receive the same message and I’m getting tired of seeing it, so I decided to change the message to something else.

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A number of people have written in asking about a Vista Sidebar gadget for our latest articles feed. I finally got some time today, so I’ve thrown one together that isn’t exactly feature-rich, but does get the job done.

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As you install ever more software on your computer, your startup entries become littered with applications that slow down your boot time and typically waste your computer’s memory.

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This will liven up your week a bit.  You may be thinking… “oh another web browser … big deal”.  Well, Opera has a lot of interesting features to play with.  Right now I don’t see it replacing Firefox by any means, but it is a fun toy none the less.  The people in the opening install screen are having fun!  What more evidence do you need???  Let me show you.

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