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WinSCP is by far and away the best SCP/SFTP client for Windows users, but the default settings don’t use keepalive, so you get disconnected far too often. I like to leave the client open while I’m doing work, and this causes a serious problem with my workflow.

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My good friend Tim asked me the other day: “How do I take a screenshot of an entire web page… am I supposed to just piece two images together?” Thankfully for Tim he has a geek friend to explain a simple way to accomplish this.

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Usually the people listed in your Contacts list are regarded as safe by Outlook’s Junk E-mail Filter.  Usually being the key word.  I ran into an instance today where an interoffice email sent went into the recipients Junk Folder.  To correct this I used the following steps.

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If you haven’t heard of StumbleUpon you are probably still a very productive person. If you want to make your time-wasting sessions slightly more efficient, you can use the keyboard to stumble instead of clicking the Stumble! button.

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Hidden away in the Windows directory is a separate utility that can be used to perform certain user administration functions not provided in the normal interface. Instead of typing “control userpasswords2″ into the run box, you can just add it as an icon in your Control Panel.

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This is a quick tip to speed up the start menu in Vista.  I wrote a previous article about helping the user interface more snappy.  This tip concentrates on the start menu but will have a similar effect.  So if you employ both strategies the UI will run more smoothly.  This tip requires a registry edit so as always when doing a registry edit make sure to create a restore point and/or backup the registry settings.

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If you use Outlook to store all of your contacts, you can also use it to quickly find maps and directions for your contacts by using the quick access Map button.

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If you find yourself using the Group Policy Editor all the time, you might have wondered why it doesn’t show up in the Control Panel along with all the other tools. After many hours of registry hacking, I’ve come up with a registry tweak to let you do just that.

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This article was written by MysticGeek, a tech blogger at the How-To Geek Blogs.

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I was playing around with System Information for Windows this morning and went into the “about” section of this program and thought this picture was hilarious.  I love it when programmers include some humor! 

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