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If “My Computer” takes a really long time to open on your computer, you are most likely experiencing a well-known issue where Windows hangs while trying to search for network folders and printers before displaying anything to you.

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I get home PC security questions all the time.  So, I figured I would post my opinion on various methods for protecting your PC from viruses, spyware, etc.  First off, I by no means endorse any pay for security suites except for one situation; and that is if you’re grandma is using a PC.  They grew up in a non tech age and if you don’t want to be running over there every 10 minutes (which may happen anyway) just throw Norton or Trend on it.  Set up auto updates and daily scans.   Set it and forget it.

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If you use the excellent Synergy application to share your keyboard and mouse between computers, you’ve probably noticed some weird behaviors in Windows Vista… especially when running any application that requires administrator permissions.

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Have you ever wanted to just “stick” your Outlook calendar to the desktop? For those of us with multiple monitors it makes even more sense… just having your calendar open on the second monitor at all times would be a great productivity boost.

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One of the nicer features of Outlook 2007 is the way it neatly groups your messages by date or other criteria, but it’s not always easy to see at a glance. There’s a little-known option buried in the settings that will shade the group headings to make them more easy to distinguish.

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This article was written by Daniel Spiewak, a great software developer and friend of the How-To Geek.

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This tip is absolutely and completely useless, and will even make applications that depend on timestamps have issues. It’s mostly just to be used as a cool trick you can show off to your friends, so we’re going to show you how it works.

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Ubuntu Gutsy is the latest major release of the most popular Linux distro, released on October 18, 2007. Like all Linux distributions you can upgrade easily even while the release is in beta, but now that it’s been released you should have much better luck with it.

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Nothing is worse than spyware, Adware, Malware … etc. However, Crapware comes in extremely close. Crapware is all the extra needless applications say Dell puts on their computers. They sell it as though you’re getting some great deal because your computer is coming pre-installed with say a 90 day trial of Mcaffe. Well, Crapware strikes it’s ugliness in many places. While rebuilding a computer this week I found a great example from Adobe’s Shockwave.

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When you have hundreds of e-mails to go through in any given day, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Going through them in the morning before having your coffee you may miss one or two that you thought were read. Here is a quick tip to show if the message has been read or not from the Reading Pane.

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