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One of my favorite features from Linux is the Alt + Window drag that allows you to move any window by holding down the Alt key and then just left-click dragging the window anywhere you’d like.

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If you are encountering problems with the searching engine built into Windows Vista, your best bet is to tell the indexing service to completely rebuild the index. It will take a while to rebuild, but it’s usually worth it.

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I know what you are thinking when you read the title of this article… why on earth would you want to disable Instant Search? It’s one of the best new features in Outlook 2007! I agree, but if you are having problems with it you might be curious how to effectively disable it.

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Have you ever wanted to make sure that a reply goes back to more than one email address? You might want to have somebody automatically reply to your home and personal address, or you might want to make sure your boss is included on replies instead of having to forward the messages to him.

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So you just bought a training video and popped it into your computer. You click on the menu in the autoplay dialog and it opens up Firefox, your default browser. Now you are staring at a blank screen. What now?

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Although I am not a Keyboard Ninja I still like to navigate quickly through Windows.  You can make your mousing more efficient using the snap to option which is inherent to XP.  This also works with Vista although getting to this setting is obviously different.

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If your mouse pointer seems to constantly get in the way while you are typing, you aren’t alone… you click in the middle of some text and start typing to insert more, but the cursor stays in the way. There’s a tiny utility called MouseAway that will solve this problem for you… it’s not new, but it still works on Vista.

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I’ve found that this dramatically speeds up the remote connection. Note that you should probably re-enable the old setting after you are done.

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I have heard and seen many funny situations in my IT career but today was the best one I have heard in a long time. A person referred to the asterisk key on their keyboard as “The Snowflake Key”. LMAO doesn’t do the 20 minutes of laughing I did justice.

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I spend an enormous amount of time browsing the web looking for new ideas to write about, so one of the biggest problems for me is tagging articles for more careful reading later. Also, I’m sure any moment I’m going to reach a page that says “You’ve reached the end of the internet, now go outside”.

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