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I’ve found that this dramatically speeds up the remote connection. Note that you should probably re-enable the old setting after you are done.

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I have heard and seen many funny situations in my IT career but today was the best one I have heard in a long time. A person referred to the asterisk key on their keyboard as “The Snowflake Key”. LMAO doesn’t do the 20 minutes of laughing I did justice.

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I spend an enormous amount of time browsing the web looking for new ideas to write about, so one of the biggest problems for me is tagging articles for more careful reading later. Also, I’m sure any moment I’m going to reach a page that says “You’ve reached the end of the internet, now go outside”.

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Anybody who has ever tried to change the theme in Windows will already know that you have to hack the uxtheme file in order to install themes into XP that aren’t digitally signed by Microsoft. If you would rather not or are unable to patch your system you might be interested in these unofficial themes created by Microsoft.

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Let’s face it … CRT monitors are still out there in the office environment.  Where I work we are slowly phasing them out as our budget allows.  The other day I was troubleshooting an issue with an older computer with a CRT monitor and when I looked at it I almost got sick from the flickering screen.  Fixing that issue is easy, here is how.

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If you are reading this article you are probably annoyed that every single time you add a bookmark in Firefox you have to click on the expand button to show the folder list before you can actually locate the folder to put the bookmark in.

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How many times have you been watching a long video on your computer and had the screensaver come on? Then you play the game of trying to jiggle the mouse every certain number of minutes to make sure it doesn’t happen again…  seems like it would be easier to have a really quick way to disable the screensaver.

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After a buddy of mine pestered me enough about Winamp I finally decided to take the 10th Anniversary Edition for a test run. Previous versions of Winamp never impressed me much. I hate having to configure tons of worthless features in a player. Also, I have never liked inviting intrusive advertisements on my computer. Today I have put my preconceived biases aside and have started to really dig into what all the hype is about.

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We’ve all gotten the call from some family member asking why their computer isn’t working properly. After an hour of troubleshooting over the phone with them or trying to get remote assistance to work we’ve decided we’re skipping the next family reunion to avoid being asked to help… there has to be a better way…

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One of the nice little features in Windows Vista that you don’t think about is the graph of drive space for your drive icons, so you can visually see at a glance how much space is used. There’s no reason to upgrade for this feature, especially since some programmers created a small utility for XP that gives you the same functionality.

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