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When you are trying to work on changing the design of your website, you have to be concerned with the width of the pictures in your article content. I’ve got notoriously large screenshots on most of the articles I’ve written, so if I want to increase the sidebar it’s critical to figure out which pictures are going to be too wide to fit in the new design.

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One of the more popular changes in Windows Vista is the Explorer Breadcrumbs feature that lets you easily navigate to folders below the current folder by using the drop-down arrows. We’ve already featured one alternative for Windows XP users, but we’ve come across a much better solution to share with you.

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What geek doesn’t like Bruce Campbell?  This looks like another classic!  What are some of your favorite Bruce flicks?

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Whether you are responsible for a server or just a programmer doing development, you’ll often have more than one logfile that you want to track at the same time. There’s a nifty little utility for Linux called MultiTail that allows you to monitor multiple logs in a single window, instead of requiring multiple separate shell windows open.

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One of the features that regular users seem to love in Windows Vista is the sidebar’s analog clock. Every time I glance at somebody’s desktop in a coffee shop they are using one. Windows XP users are not left out in the cold with the ClocX desktop clock that works similarly.

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Well, I figured I would join The Geek in the social network-sphere (is that a word?) … Anyway, I think it will be a lot of fun meeting our readers and hooking up online. I am not sure how much I will be updating these sites at first, but just bear with me and I will get them rolling as quickly as possible. The main focus of my time right now is the HTG site. Go ahead and add me to your profiles! We hope to get the largest network of computer geeks on the Web!

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This morning an email came in from the very friendly reader Gordy, who asked if it was possible to automatically start up Task Manager in minimized mode when booting the machine… so this article is for him, and hopefully it’ll help somebody else as well.

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I’ve received a ton of requests from the readers on how to contact me on various social sites such as StumbleUpon or Digg, so I decided to put together a page where you can add me as a friend on your social network of choice.

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In a previous article I wrote about minimizing The Ribbon in Office 2007.  This is great for saving space on your screen so you have more area to work.  In that article I mention that you can still pull up The Ribbon for any function you need while working on a document.  Here I am going to show a different take on accomplishing tasks while keeping The Ribbon hidden.  I usually only use the most basic functions, but if I need to add more we always can. 

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Our forum moderator Scott is a big fan of theming his system, so when he found this sweet new theme for Firefox he sent it over right away, and I’m sharing it with everybody else.

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