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If you are using WordPress as the platform behind your blog or website you probably know that there have been a lot of security holes, not just in the software itself, but also in the plugins as well. In light of these problems, we’ll look at how to prevent hacking attempts by locking down your administration folder.

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Update! Our friend Ryan from CyberNet pointed out a bug in the version I posted yesterday, so you’ll want to update your bookmarklet with the fixed version provided below. Sorry for the trouble!

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While updating my work computer I came across a pop up that was welcoming to the Microsoft Download Center Beta. I thought it rather odd M$ would throw a pop up at me. I checked out the URL and it seemed legit … so I went with it. Besides … it’s only my work computer … LOL.

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If you have a computer with pre-installed Windows 7 or Vista, most likely you’ll notice the manufacturer’s support information when you look in the system properties window. If you’d like to customize this information or use a picture of your own in this space, you can do so easily.

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Have you ever remembered the name of a page that you viewed recently but couldn’t remember the full link? Usually you’d end up searching through your browser history or just end up Googling for it again. So how do we power up the address bar search functionality to make this simpler?

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We’ve already showed you how to use Gmail’s IMAP support in Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and even KMail, but what about the built-in mail client in Windows Vista… how could we leave that one out?

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Gmail’s IMAP support is one of the biggest things to hit the webmail world since, well, Gmail. We’ve already covered how to use imap from Outlook, and now it’s time to show everybody how to use it from the open-source Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

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As a website owner I’m constantly checking different browsers at different resolutions to make sure that the site is going to look at least tolerable for everybody. This is especially important for me since I’m really not a very good web designer… so I have to triple check everything.

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If you are having issues with your computer it’s often necessary to check the versions of drivers that you have installed on your system, especially when the problem is with a display driver, which always seem to have the most issues.

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Anybody that works in a multiple server environment knows that it can be annoying to have half a dozen remote desktop windows open at any given point. Thankfully there’s a slick application called Terminals that gives you tabbed remote desktop capabilities.

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