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As you install ever more software on your computer, your startup entries become littered with applications that slow down your boot time and typically waste your computer’s memory.

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This will liven up your week a bit.  You may be thinking… “oh another web browser … big deal”.  Well, Opera has a lot of interesting features to play with.  Right now I don’t see it replacing Firefox by any means, but it is a fun toy none the less.  The people in the opening install screen are having fun!  What more evidence do you need???  Let me show you.

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Thanks to The Geek’s bounty program we now have an incredibly useful application to increase the Taskbar Preview Pane in Vista.  But what if you don’t like the preview panes?  To keep everything fair and balanced I will show you how to disable the panes entirely.

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Throughout my years of working IT I have come across some very unique user setups in Outlook.  Some users will tweak every thing to the point it is barely useable, at least if you’re not familiar with how they set it up.  If you need to use a co workers computer or a “spare’ while you’re waiting on IT to fix your machine, here is an easy way to at least get the reading pane familiar.

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Collecting responses from a group of people is something very common in an office environment. Whether you are trying to ask what type of pizza to order for a meeting, or taking a vote on who’s going to quit next, what you need is a poll.

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Now the ribbon will change to show the blogging tools. Click on the Manage Accounts button.

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When properly configured, Firefox can become the ultimate web development tool, giving you direct access to the page you are working on so you can style your page in real-time, debug javascript or even edit the html.

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Dozens of people have written in and expressed their hatred of the new breadcrumb feature in Windows Vista’s Explorer address bar, and especially because you simply can’t turn it off… until now.

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Most of you who are running Vista should know by now that Microsoft introduced major updates for Vista.  For a full detailed summary of what is included read The Geek wrote a great article reviewing the updates.  One of the updates includes better Vista Aero performance with NVIDIA graphics cards. 

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One of the more advanced options for resizing your Windows Vista partition is to use the GParted Live CD, a bootable linux CD that takes you straight into GParted, the great linux utility for managing partitions. The problem is that if you resize your boot/system partition, you will be completely unable to boot without repairing windows.

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