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Create a subfolder named “Batch Printsâ€? under “Mailbox – YourNameâ€? in Outlook.

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In the blogging world, it’s important to post articles at roughly the same time each day so you can be consistent for your readers. So how do we accomplish this in WordPress?

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The last time I was too lazy to write anything turned out to be extremely popular, so I decided to do it again since I’m enjoying a cup of coffee a few thousand miles away.

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I’m not a fan of wasted space in user interfaces, so any time I can consolidate down to only useful functionality I’m happy about it. The subject today is how to consolidate the Firefox toolbars down to just the items we actually use, to save space for the 45 tabs I like to have open.

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We’ve already covered how to take a quick look at the list of installed drivers using DriverView, but what if you are on a machine that doesn’t already have that software installed? There’s a command line utility that comes bundled with Windows Vista or XP that gives you similar output.

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One of the best features in Linux is the way you can control processes from the command line, so if you have an application that locks up your GUI, you can always SSH over from another machine and just kill the offending process.

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It’s been nearly a year since the new Yahoo! Messenger for Vista was announced, and we were promised a beautiful application that utilized the new Aero features in Windows Vista. The new client is definitely beautiful, although not necessarily useful or especially functional.

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If you are using WordPress as the platform behind your blog or website you probably know that there have been a lot of security holes, not just in the software itself, but also in the plugins as well. In light of these problems, we’ll look at how to prevent hacking attempts by locking down your administration folder.

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Update! Our friend Ryan from CyberNet pointed out a bug in the version I posted yesterday, so you’ll want to update your bookmarklet with the fixed version provided below. Sorry for the trouble!

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While updating my work computer I came across a pop up that was welcoming to the Microsoft Download Center Beta. I thought it rather odd M$ would throw a pop up at me. I checked out the URL and it seemed legit … so I went with it. Besides … it’s only my work computer … LOL.

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