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I have decided that J River’s Media Jukebox is now my music player of choice.  I did an initial review in a previous post.  Now let’s cover the various features included in this application.  Today I will cover how to rip you CD’s into your favorite format.

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I was browsing our forum earlier today when I noticed a question from a reader asking how to select a date range when searching for files in advanced search. This is something that was extremely easy in XP, but seems to be much less intuitive in Vista.

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In the Customize View window click on Fields.

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In my IT experience I have noticed that sometimes Remote Desktop can run painfully slow.  Here are a couple tricks to speed up the process.  We will change the display settings first.  Sure it won’t look as fancy, but when working on computers remotely, you just need the functionality.

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This article was written by our very own whs, one of the most helpful forum members.

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One of our favorite readers wrote in today asking how to tell if his Word 2007 installation was running Service Pack 1, since he couldn’t find the About dialog, which got me thinking… I bet most people don’t know where it is!

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If you’ve used Windows Vista for any length of time, you probably already know that using the Win + Space key combination will bring the Sidebar and all the gadgets to the front… but how do you send it back behind your open windows?

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Well … I am not surprised about this Microsoft KB article.  They admit their latest greatest Service Pack 1 for Vista indeed breaks various programs some of which are security programs.

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I experienced an issue the other day at work in regards to Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin.  A colleague brought in their laptop complaining about a slowness issue.  While checking out Task Manager I noticed a CPU spike of 50%.  Turns out the culprit was a process called PcScnSrv.exe which allows PC-Cillin to scan activity on your computer for malware.  So any time you open any application or any type of computer activity PcScnSrv.exe scans and monitors every action.  This causes a major spike in CPU activity.  Sure my initial reaction was to remove Trend and put on a free alternative such as AVG or Avast Home Edition but my colleague just spent $60 to renew his license so I came up with a work around of sorts.  I have not seen any patch on Trend’s site that addresses this issue yet, so here is what I did.

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I guess I will continue this week’s theme of media players by introducing you to J River Media Jukebox.  I have to say I am quite impressed so far with this player. 

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