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After writing articles about how to open the Safely Remove dialog as well as eject a specific USB drive, some readers contacted me asking me to write about how to eject a CD or DVD drive instead, so I’m covering that here.

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I recently installed Windows XP 64 on one of my machines the other day.  On that … I have to say my reviews so far are mixed.  I love the fact it recognizes my 4GB of RAM and so far the performance is tight.  I have had a few driver issues … but have a good handle on it. 

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RSSOwl is a multi platform open source RSS Reader.  The overall feel and navigation is just like a web browser.  The RSSOwl user interface is very customizable.  You will notice there are a lot of feeds already entered by default which includes many categories.  Select feeds open up as HTML inside RSSOwl.  As with a browser you can bookmark you favorites as well.  To be honest I just started using this application a day ago and so far am very impressed!  If any of you are experienced RSSOwl users please feel free to comment.

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You’ve already heard the news: Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 1 yesterday. So what does that mean for me, and how do I install it again?

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Portable Apps is a remarkable portable application suite which runs off your USB flash drive.  You can carry around all of your favorite open source applications with this utility. 

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aTunes is an open source iTunes alternative.  aTunes recently upgraded its version to 1.7.0 which includes radio support.  aTunes is able to play mp3, OGG, WMA, WAV, mp4, and FLAC files.  You can also rip and burn audio CD’s with this application. aTunes integrates with AudioScrobbler and to add the songs played to your profile.  If you are looking for a music player similar to iTunes this is a good alternative.

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If you do a lot of tweaking to the panels in Gnome or KDE, you’ve probably run into an instance where you enabled a plugin or changed a setting and need to restart to see the effect (or maybe you locked something up). Instead of logging out or rebooting, we’ll just reload the process.

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Sometimes in the life of a geek, we do something in front of a non-geek that shocks and amazes them. Sometimes it’s as simple as typing three keystrokes into a file open dialog. (At least it was for me yesterday)

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After writing yesterday’s article about creating a shortcut to the Safely Remove Hardware dialog, a number of readers mentioned to me that they’d like create a shortcut to immediately eject a specific drive, so we’ll cover that here.

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I thought I would take a break from Microsoft and cover the much talked about gOS. This is the Operating System included on Wal-Mart’s $199 PC’s. Although there are a lot of Google applications included, gOS is actually based on Ubuntu Linux and stands for GreenOS. This is a very light weight OS which can run on lower powered systems. To maximize all the features included you will need a High Speed Ethernet connection.

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