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Hate the new calendar in Vista?  Not a fan of the Outlook calendar or don’t like the idea of always being connected to the web to use Google’s Calendar?  Love Open Source and all things Mozilla?  Then Sunbird is for you. Sunbird is a stand-alone calendar application.  If you want Sunbird to integrate with Thunderbird then you would want to install the Lightning extension.

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As everybody knows, using the Windows+L keys together will lock your workstation running Windows 7, XP or Vista. Did you realize that you can also disable this function by using a registry hack?

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After figuring out yesterday how to tell how many times an article has been bookmarked on, I started wondering how many times readers have bookmarked all the articles across the entire site, and which articles are most popular on

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For those of you still running XP you might be looking for ways to improve the XP experience.  One of the better ways to add unique features to the OS is installing Power Toys.  These are add on programs that Microsoft developers have designed after the XP release.  These have been around for several years, and are proven to work.  Although Microsoft does not “officially support” them.  I thought I would highlight a few of my favorites.

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Remembering to update a single calendar is tough enough for me, but many people use multiple calendars to keep track of teams or events. But what if you want to view all the items merged together into one calendar, similar to the way Google Calendar does?

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Anybody that runs a website will probably have wondered at some point how many times their articles were actually getting bookmarked on social bookmarking services such as, so I decided to figure out the easiest method for seeing that number.

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Anybody that has been a geek for a while is already aware of the greatness of the tiny Startup Control Panel written by the legendary Mike Lin, but I’m here to tell you that it’s still just as useful today as it was 8 years ago.

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I get very tired of every application adding items to my Windows Explorer right-click menu and making it difficult to remove them. Winamp has an easy preferences panel to let you configure which items show up, but sadly it doesn’t seem to work in Windows Vista.

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OpenDNS is an incredible alternative to your ISP DNS server.  Simply put DNS (Domain Name System) translates IP address to easy to remember hostname’s. Not only will OpenDNS make your browsing faster, there are a lot of additional features provided by this free service. 

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One of the mind boggling things about Microsoft Outlook is that even with zillions of settings in the preferences, you still can’t easily clear private data like MRU lists by using an option in the UI.

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