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I’m sure many of you are thinking… can’t I just make a shortcut? You are correct, that’s the simplest way to do it… but the icon we’re talking about today isn’t a shortcut… it’s the actual IE icon that used to exist in prior versions of Windows.

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This article was written by MysticGeek, a tech blogger at the How-To Geek Blogs.

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There’s an updated version of this article here:

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Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions, and I wonder how many of you made the resolution to waste less time browsing the internet? If so, here’s an easy way to track the amount of time you spend online.

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Yes, I’m stooping to the pathetic level of writing a post with stats about how well the site has done. You shouldn’t bother to read further unless you have an unhealthy love for numbers.

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If you are working on editing a bunch of bookmarks at the same time, you’ve already noticed the pain of having to click on a bookmark and then click Properties, and then edit the details in a popup dialog… and then close that and repeat for the next bookmark.

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You’ve already seen them… links to left in comments, on blog posts and especially on Twitter. But doesn’t it make you slightly uneasy to click on a link without knowing where it’s going to take you?

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Have you ever tried to email or IM somebody a link from a site that has ridiculously long URLs, only to have the link break because it was too long or got cut off? The solution to this problem is to use a service like TinyUrl that turns a really long link into a really short link.

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I have been very impressed by the ZOHO Online Office Suite.  Yesterday we checked out ZOHO Sheets and Writer.  Today we will go more in depth and explore the other applications.

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For the regular readers of my Blog you know that I am a huge music enthusiast. After my Rant Against iTunes I tried out several players before finally sticking with Spider Player as my primary music listening application. The unfortunate thing about Spider is it doesn’t include a burning feature. I have added it to the Wishlist in their forum and hopefully in the future that feature will be added. So for the time being I am using a program that a buddy of mine suggested called CDBurnerXP.

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