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Don’t you hate it when you try to uninstall a program it either does not include an uninstaller or when using Add / Remove Programs in Windows, there are several traces of the software left?  It is definitely one of my bigger pet peeves … just check out my iTunes uninstall rant.  I came across a cool little program the other day that claims to do a much better job of uninstalling applications and all of the tidbits and left-overs associated with them.  Revo Uninstaller.

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By now most people have likely already upgraded to Windows Vista Service Pack 1, but one of the smaller feature upgrades might have passed most people by: You can now configure automatic defragmenting for All drives, as well as defragment all of your drives at the same time.

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Have you ever noticed that the Send To context menu can be ridiculously slow to open sometimes? You right-click a file and choose Send To, and then have to wait for about 30 seconds for explorer to respond again. Annoying! so how do we fix it?

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Today I saw the preview of War Games: The Dead Code and I have to say that I think Hollywood is messing up another great classic movie.  I am really looking forward to your comments so post away!!!!

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In a previous post I showed the initial screen shots for setting up Open Office on Vista.  In this post I would like to show the final finishing set up steps.

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How many times has the Outlook reminder popped up on your screen only for you to hit the Snooze button to be reminded again in 5 minutes. How can you possibly be productive while hitting the snooze button repeatedly throughout the day?

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If you’ve started using the beta of Firefox 3, you’ve probably already seen the new Smart Bookmarks folder that is created by default. This folder can be useful for looking up sites you just visited or bookmarked… but how do you get it back if you accidentally deleted it?

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Sometimes when setting up computer workstations for company employees and / or family members, you might not want certain default XP applications to be accessible. In this tutorial I will show you how to disable the features Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, and MSN Instant Messenger.  Keep in mind that this process does not technically remove these applications but it makes them not available.

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Since it is Earth Day I thought I would include a quick post on how cool Freecycle groups are.  I doubt these groups will “save the world” or anything like that, they are pretty cool to join nonetheless.  I have found some cool tech items and other items that come in handy for everyday living.  If you are a geek who likes to hack and play around with legacy computers and video game systems then this is a great way to acquire them.  One time a home owner gave away a brand new 52″ HD TV!  I live in a rural area … and there is a lot of ground to cover so I am a member of two different groups in different nearby counties. 

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