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For regular readers of my blog, you know that I am almost fanatic about the audio players I use on my PC as is evident with my iTunes rant.  I have covered several different players, and currently my player of choice is J River Media Jukebox.  Today I am going to cover another audio player I have been trying out the past few weeks, COWAN America’s Jet Audio Player.

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Steve Ballmer the current CEO of Microsoft gets egged at a presentation in the country of Hungary. 

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Creating a professional looking chart for Excel presentations is extremely easy in Excel 2007.  Making charts is a more interesting way to present data than just going through the rows and columns on a spreadsheet.

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If your RSS reader suddenly got bombarded with posts from 2006 about Ubuntu, you might have assumed that we had invented a machine that could teleport you backwards in time… but that was not the case. Turns out the latest community build of MySQL (the database server we use) is not compatible with older versions of WordPress (the software used for the site).

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When you are troubleshooting network problems, one of the first things to do is disable the built-in Windows Firewall… but there are just way too many steps required to the firewall on and off. Can’t we make a simple shortcut icon instead?

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I am a huge fan of the classic arcade games.  Of course the Pac-man series are arguably the most famous ever.  I remember many… many hours and quarters spent (from my allowance) at my local arcade trying to get to the red dots.  We would meet up for tournaments once a week.  Back then we didn’t have “LAN Party’s”  we had pockets full of quarters and pitchers of Mountain Dew to last us until the owners kicked us out.  So while at work today, go ahead and spend a few minutes down memory lane and play what I think is the best Mrs. Pac-man emulation on the web.  From but make sure not to start kicking your computer when Blinky gets you!

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If you don’t already have a quick launch icon or a hotkey set to open a command prompt, there’s really quick trick that you can do on any Windows 7 or Vista computer to open up a command prompt without having to navigate the menu.

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If you have ever needed to get an HTML color code from an application that only has the Windows color picker, you might have wondered how to convert that over to an HTML color code. Sure, you can use a color picker application, but there’s also a simple way to do it without any additional software.

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The latest addition to my guitar arsenal is the Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Pedal.  This is probably the sweetest reverb pedal I have heard in a long time.  My current head is the original block letter Peavey 5150.  This amp is notorious for a less than stellar clean channel.  It takes a lot of tweaking to get the clean channel to sound useable … which I have done … then adding the Boss RV-5 is just icing on the cake!  The reverb setting that come from the RV-5 are extremely spacious sounding.  I cannot say enough!  This is high quality reverb that should impress even the most “finicky” audiophile guitarists.

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