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For anyone even semi-familiar with the Internet I am sure you are aware of the Ron Paul Revolution.  His name currently is the #1 googled subject right now.  The Ron Paul presidential campaign has basically taken over YouTube and his support has gained reputable positions on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.  Although this is not a political site, I thought I would share a few tech related issues which relate to the Ron Paul campaign. 

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As a programmer and a fairly terrible web designer, I often need to select a color from an image somewhere on the screen, and it gets really tiring to take a screenshot, paste into Photoshop and use the eyedropper there.

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes Firefox isn’t very responsive while loading a page? As a frequent StumbleUpon user, this behavior grates on my nerves so I went looking for a solution.

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If there’s one thing that annoys me in Internet Explorer more than anything else, it’s that there is no way to re-open a tab once you’ve closed it. It’s especially annoying when you’ve done a lot of browsing so you have to sift through your history to find the link for the page you closed.

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If you’ve switched from Yahoo! over to Gmail because you prefer to read your email in a desktop client such as Thunderbird, you probably are wondering how you can do the same thing with Yahoo! for free.

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If you are the type of person that restarts your computer all the time, you are probably really worried about speeding up your bootup time. Unless you get paid to watch the Windows boot screen. I wonder how well that would pay…

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Let’s face it, not everybody is an ubergeek, so there are many times that you’ll need to ask somebody for help. They always seem to ask you to type things into the command prompt and then tell them the results… but how do you copy that text to the clipboard so you can email it to them?

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You might be concerned with squeezing every last bit of performance out of your machine, or may have compatibility problems between Aero and an application that you are running. Either way you are looking for the simplest way to disable Aero while running that application, and this is it.

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This article was written by MysticGeek, a tech blogger at the How-To Geek Blogs.

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The Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) has always been known for being underpowered compared to Linux, but have you ever noticed that to view the output of a long command you have to resort to the mouse to scroll?

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