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The latest addition to my guitar arsenal is the Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Pedal.  This is probably the sweetest reverb pedal I have heard in a long time.  My current head is the original block letter Peavey 5150.  This amp is notorious for a less than stellar clean channel.  It takes a lot of tweaking to get the clean channel to sound useable … which I have done … then adding the Boss RV-5 is just icing on the cake!  The reverb setting that come from the RV-5 are extremely spacious sounding.  I cannot say enough!  This is high quality reverb that should impress even the most “finicky” audiophile guitarists.

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If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you’ve likely already used the instant search box… but using it can be even more “instant” if you learn how to use a couple of shortcut keys, instead of having to resort to the mouse every time.

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If you’ve used Linux for any amount of time, you’re already familiar with the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace shortcut key combination that restarts X Windows immediately… but have you ever wondered if there is a way to disable that behavior?

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If you accidentally checked the wrong box while installing Skype, you now are the proud recipient of an extension in Firefox that you can’t uninstall. Sure, you can disable it… but what about uninstalling it?

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Do you get annoyed by the downloads dialog box (shown below) that pops up every time you download a file when browsing in Firefox? 

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If you are using Outlook with Gmail over IMAP, you might have noticed a really annoying problem: if you flag an email in Outlook, or use the Star feature in Gmail, you’ll often end up with duplicate items in the To-Do bar.

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I find a pretty interesting site.  I usually check it everyday to see if there is an application I might want to try or an entertaining game I want to play.  I know several of our readers go there as well to get different software applications as well.  I would just urge caution with some of the applications and also to make sure and read the reviews.  Sometimes if you have too many applications there is the possibility of some not playing nice with each other leading to some corrupt files and / or Windows not working correctly. 

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If you are a Gmail user, you’ve probably noticed the annoying unread message count for the Spam folder. It’s even worse when you use an IMAP client to access your email, and then try and use a search folder for unread mail… which gives you nothing but spam.

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If you’ve spent any time tweaking Firefox 3, you’ve probably seen the warning message telling you that you probably shouldn’t be changing any settings. Thankfully you can remove the checkbox and make the message go away… but what if you wanted it back?

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I am sure you have seen 3D Curveball around the net.  Another simple yet addictive game to pass the boring office time by.  3D Curveball is basically like Pong but a bit different as you can curve the ball away from your opponent.  

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