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If you’ve spent any time tweaking Firefox 3, you’ve probably seen the warning message telling you that you probably shouldn’t be changing any settings. Thankfully you can remove the checkbox and make the message go away… but what if you wanted it back?

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I am sure you have seen 3D Curveball around the net.  Another simple yet addictive game to pass the boring office time by.  3D Curveball is basically like Pong but a bit different as you can curve the ball away from your opponent.  

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CD / DVD ROM emulation is a good thing especially if you only have one optical ROM drive.  The other benefit of a virtual ROM drive is the ability to run programs on your local hard drive which means less changing in and out discs and the programs actually seem to run faster.

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So you’ve picked out and purchased the hardware for your new computer, and you’ve already completed the most difficult step: Waiting for the parts to come in the mail. The next step is putting all of the pieces together, which we’ll cover here.

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Have you ever noticed that new folders that you create inside of your Home directory in Vista just look out of place? All the built-in folders have those stylish greenish icons, and your folders are ugly and yellow.

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So you installed Firefox on Windows Vista, but you can’t seem to get the flash plugin to install… you click the “Install Missing Plugins” button, follow the wizard, restart Firefox, and it’s still not installed. Annoying!

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I recently decided to build myself a new desktop computer for my house, and after talking about it with a number of friends, I realized that most people have no idea what goes into building a computer yourself… so this series will explain the basics of building your own custom PC.

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There are several online backup services to choose from out there.  Out of them all so far Mozy has been my service of choice.  I just have the Mozy Home Free version which allows 2GB of storage.  I know 2 GB is not a whole lot these days but I only back up MP3′s of some of my guitar recordings.  So far it seems to be enough.  There are different backup plans you can purchase at varying prices.  Let’s take a look at the free software.

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Today’s Time Killer really is!  5 Minutes To Kill yourself gives you 5 minutes to run around the office to find a way to off yourself.  If your having “one of those days” this game is a great stress reliever. 

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How many times have you wanted to share a screenshot with somebody… so you created your screenshot using one tool, then uploaded to some image hosting site, and then 5 minutes later you finally have the link to send to them. What if there was a way to do all of that in 5 mouse clicks in just a few seconds?

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