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If you are a frequent reader of this site, you’ve seen your share of registry hacks. Today I’m going to detail how you can easily find the registry keys we mention, and even create a shortcut or hotkey to immediately drill down to the correct key by copying it to the clipboard.

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Are you sick and tired of Windows trying to save you from yourself by asking you far too many times “Are You Sure You Want To Do That?” I think this is one of the more prominent annoyances of any Windows operating system. Thankfully, there is a small utility out there which allows the dialog boxes to be automatically closed. I have been using this program for several years and thought I should write about it in case you are unfamiliar.

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One of the reasons that I love Firefox is the dozens of extensions that I have installed to customize the browser, but it seems like every extension includes another icon or widget, and by this point the status bar looks like an instrument panel… so how can I make them hide until I need them?

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Miro is a wonderful open source video player.  Miro is the new name for the same project entitled Democracy Player.  The last version of Democracy Player was 0.9.6 – Now with a new name, logo, and interface Miro is definitely ready for prime time.  Miro is available on Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms.

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Have you ever wondered how to change the default Windows XP logon screen? Today I got the crazy idea to figure out how to make it look like Windows Vista instead, so I’m writing that up for you.

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ClamWin is a very cool lightweight open source anti-virus program. This may not be the best anti-virus solution for beginners, but experienced PC power users should check this out. The download size of this application is around 15 MB. I really like that this application is so light weight and uses little system resources. One downside (if you can call it one) is this development does not yet support real time scanning. You can schedule automatic updates and scans though. ClamWin also creates nifty reports on your updates and scans. You can use it to scan individual files and it also integrates seamlessly with Outlook.

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Here is a quick and handy tip to add a toolbar to any directory in Windows on the taskbar.

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Windows Vista restricts network traffic to 10 packets per millisecond while playing multimedia to prevent skipping. Unfortunately this causes network speed to be pitiful on a gigabit network, especially during file copies over the network.

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So you are reading instructions on some article that tells you to reboot into Safe mode. You ask how you do that, and are told to use the F8 key when the computer boots up. But you just can’t seem to get the F8 key to work… so how do you boot into Safe mode?

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One of the more popular open source IM clients is Pidgin (formerly GAIM).  This client works with pretty much all chat services including the majors MSN, Google Talk, AIM, and Yahoo!  Pidgin works with Linux, Windows, BSD, and other Unix distributions.  If you’re a real minimalist you can even get a text based version.  It is very customizable and there is a lot of open source plug ins for it as well.  Pidgin supports pictures, emoticons, and fonts.  Very customizable IM alternative!

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