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Have you ever wondered how many times per day you check your email? For many of us, it’s far too often… and if every single time you have to click on a little icon in the tray, or find the Outlook button in the taskbar, it can get a little annoying. Instead of that, what I do is assign a hotkey to switch to my already open Outlook window.

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If you are tired of seeing the default Welcome to Thunderbird Start Page, we can easily customize it to your liking.

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There is really no point to this trick other than trick to amuse yourself and others.  We are going to add in odd symbols or characters to the Window’s Notification Area on the Taskbar to mess with your co-workers.

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Have Fun!  Please share any funny stories you might have with this one!

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Organizing all of your tasks these days can be quite challenging.  At work your employer probably supplies a calendaring and “to do” list application such as those included in Outlook.  But what if you are a small business owner or home user and don’t feel like wasting money on expensive office applications?  A very powerful, fun, and free desktop calendar application is Rainlendar2.

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I was printing off receipts from Newegg and other sites where I’ve purchased things from when the thought occurred to me: It would save a lot of paper if I could just print all of them to a PDF file instead, which I could then store in nicely organized folders instead of having paper copies everywhere. So how exactly do we print to a PDF in Vista?

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Tomorrow is a holiday here in the US, and since I’ve been extremely busy lately I figured I’d make a quick list of some of the great content on some of my favorite blogs, mostly from our very own Mysticgeek.

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One of the unwelcome changes that Microsoft introduced in Service Pack 1 was the removal of some of the easy ways to get to the Search screen: the start menu button and folder context menu item. Thankfully we can easily add the “Search…” item back to the context menu with a simple registry tweak.

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Have you ever wondered how to open up Task Manager with the “All Users” view instead of just your own processes? One of our readers wrote in with this same question, so I’m writing it up for everybody.

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Who wants to even think about working on the TPS Report project on a Monday?  To take the edge off, take some time and play around with Noisegames.  These are very cool mindless yet fun interactive web toys.

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