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Personally I have never been a huge fan of the default gadgets in Windows Vista.  Since Vista has been out for well over a year now, I have come across some pretty cool ones.  Being a huge music fan I figured I would start with music gadgets.

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One of our readers wrote in yesterday asking about how to set Windows 7 or Vista to open files and folders with a single click, and I realized that was something I’d never written about before, so I figured I’d write it up.

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Many times we will want to enter in symbols and character other than the standard.  You might be doing business in Europe and need to enter in Euro’s or other symbology into Excel sheets.  We can achieve this in easily in Excel 2007.

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Now that we’ve put our computer together, setup the BIOS, and installed Windows, it’s time to get down to the business of tweaking our new computer. In the final installment of this series, I’m going to cover the basic configuration and software tweaks that you should use to keep your computer safe, secure, and running at peak performance, and a few tweaks to make Vista easier to use.

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After writing up the method for searching your Internet Explorer Favorites with Vista’s built-in search engine, another one of our great forum users pointed out a freeware utility that will let you search your IE favorites right from within the browser itself.

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One of our great forum members asked yesterday how to search through your Internet Explorer Favorites, which got me thinking… if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, it’s as simple as creating a saved search folder.

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Have you ever wondered how to remove “Shared Documents” from your My Computer window in Windows XP? If you don’t use that feature, it seems rather silly to have it wasting space on the screen when all you really want to do is open up your hard drive or flash drive.

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One thing that annoys me about Firefox is when the Download window pops up showing me all of the past downloads.  I am sure this feature may come in handy for some and must be an appreciated feature as it allows you to search them, but I typically remember what I download, when I downloaded it, and why I downloaded it.  So, for me it is more of a nuisance than a privacy concern.  However, if you have a shared computer or laptop, privacy and security may very well be the main concern.  Either way, changing a couple settings can certainly help.

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As I previously mentioned, I came up with this post as a means to rid what I consider an annoyance.  On the other hand, this is also a great privacy and security tip.

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The problem gets worse… if you try and drag/copy files out of the folder you’ll get the error “Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?”

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