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I have played with various distributions of Linux for the past 5 years.  I would dabble in Red Hat running a web server, install Mandriva (Mandrake at the time) in a dual boot with XP, and actually build a kiosk for a tech school in my area using Suse Linux.  I have also ran various versions on Virtual Machines over Windows many times.  I have always had a love / hate relationship with Linux.  When I could get things working it was great!  However, when I just needed something like my SoundCard to work, I would find that 2 hours of compiling a driver  just wasn’t worth it.

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We’ve covered how to access the Windows Vista Calendar using the keyboard, but what if you wanted to assign a single keystroke to pop up the calendar? Yeah, sure, you can just click it with the mouse, but where’s the geek fun in that?

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My new friend Sue asked me the other day how to customize icons on Windows XP, so I thought I’d write up all the ways to change the icons, both by using the built-in methods and also with additional software.

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One of the few things about Vista that just drives me crazy is the problems with Windows Explorer. I prefer to use Details mode for certain folders, but it seems like Vista constantly “decides” that the folder should show a different set of columns than what I had previously chosen.

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If you’ve opted into one of the Google Experimental Search programs like the keyboard shortcuts experiment, you’ve probably seen the annoying survey box that doesn’t seem to go away, even after you take the survey. Good thing Firefox is customizable, so we can easily remove it with a Stylish script.

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If you are like me, you probably have dozens of windows open at any given point, so if you want to tile just a couple of windows you have to minimize everything and then show two of the windows, and then tile them… so how do we just quickly select two taskbar buttons together?

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Have you ever wondered about the best way to find interesting how-to videos? (Yeah, I haven’t either) Like most people, I would have just searched Youtube or Google, but there’s a much quicker way to find all the how-to videos you could ever imagine…

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I found a cool site today while cruising around the Internet.  Stage.FM is a great site to find new unsigned artists and bands.  This site is a social network for independent, unsigned musicians and fans.  There are several genres of music to choose from, and a lot of it is available for free download or a nominal fee (20 cents).

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Have you ever tried going through all of the menus required to delete the Recent Items in the XP Start Menu? It takes forever, especially when you want to hide whatever you shouldn’t have been doing. As usual, there’s a simpler way to do it.

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