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Being able to burn an ISO image should not be as difficult as it sometimes is.  Being able to burn them should actually just be a standard feature in Windows.  Of course there are hundreds of things a person could list that should be included.  We can get this feature by adding a the free 3rd party application ISO Recorder V3.  This handy utility is developed by Alex Feinman and he will gladly accept donations on his site. 

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If you have a dual boot system and often switch back and forth from Vista to XP, you’ve probably already been annoyed with the fact that you have to wait until the boot menu comes up and choose the right OS… and half the time you step away and it ends up booting into the wrong one anyway.

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So far we have taken a look at SkyDrive, Mozy, and ADrive for backup, storage, and sharing your data.  Another popular option is AOL’s Xdrive.  Like Microsoft’s SkyDrive you get 5GB of storage with Xdrive.

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After a number of readers have written in about how to remove the dotted black outline that sometimes appears when you make a file selection, I realized that I needed to write this up for everybody’s benefit, since there actually is a solution.

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The user interface of Xdrive is quite intuitive as is managing your files online.  The free account is for 5GB of storage with the file size only limited to the amount of space on the drive. 

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As part of our online storage series we will take a look at most services available.  I am going to focus on the free services, taking a look at what they offer or do not, which should help you decide if one is appropriate for you.  Using online storage services as a supplemental step is beneficial in a well rounded backup plan.

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As of this writing they offer 3 plans which are Basic, Signature, and Premium.  You can read more about and compare each service on their site.

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Have you ever had music playing loudly on your speakers when the phone rings… then you fumble for the speaker switch or the pause button on your music playing application while trying to answer the phone? Instead of bothering with that, I’ve always simply created a shortcut to mute the system volume instantly with the press of a key.

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During a workday things can definitely seem overwhelming as the amount of data we are expected to absorb increases at such a rapid pace.  In this fast paced environment it can be easy to misplace an important contact or have another do the same if you are the important contact. 

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating your own Electronic Business Card design you can download Templates from the Microsoft Office site.  This is a cool and easy way to go because you can open the template and do various customizations to it.  There are also several sites on the Web that you can download them from.

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