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For those of you who are still in mourning over the loss of video site Stage6 you are in luck as is coming soon!  Vreel is essentially the replacement site for Stage6.  Formerly called (which surprisingly still points to Vreel) and gaining a lot of traffic; DivX inc. issued a cease and desist order against the website for copyright infringement.  The staff then signed over the domain name for a free license from DivX.

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In this installment we are going to look at installing the Vista Ultimate toy DreamScene.  Tired of the static pictures as your desktop?  DreamScene allows you to incorporate video as the desktop image.  This is a default feature of Vista Ultimate, however, with some simple hack files we can achieve the same on Home Premium as well.

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If you’ve ever needed to create a list of files in a directory, you’ve likely used a command from the prompt to pipe the directory listing into a fileā€¦ but what if you could simply right-click on or in any folder and copy a list of the files to the clipboard?

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Opera 9.5 was officially released today.  I started to play with this version today and I must say I am quite impressed!  Here is a quick how-to on importing your Firefox bookmarks into Opera.

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We all know there are plenty of utilities that will reduce the amount of SPAM you receive in your E-mail inbox, but what about your snail-mail box?  Sick of getting tons of credit card and other worthless junk mail?  The Website has a nice free service to help.

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Have you ever noticed that with the Windows Vista Firewall enabled, you can’t use ping from another computer to see if your Vista computer is alive? Sure, you could take the drastic step of disabling the firewall for testing purposes, but the simple solution is to just allow ICMP requests through the firewall.

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Mysticgeek: Let’s start with your position or title at Vreel, how long have you been working on Vreel.

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Everyone has those days where they want to completely beat the crap out of their computer.  You could actually do it, get fired, and have to pay for damages.  Or you can also live out your destructive tendencies vicariously through this online computer bashing game.  What is the goal?  Just to beat the computer into oblivion.  Repair the computer and bash the hell out of it again!

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I have been using Mozilla’s Thunderbird as my default email application for only a few months now.  So, I figured I would share some basic how-to articles so you can quickly get Thunderbird up and running the way you want it if you choose to switch.  Adding a signature to your outgoing emails is always important. 

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Have you ever copied something to the clipboard that you don’t want to leave there in case somebody else is going to use your computer? Sure, you can copy something else to the clipboard real quick, but can’t you just make a shortcut or hotkey to clear it?

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