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Today’s Time Killer really is!  5 Minutes To Kill yourself gives you 5 minutes to run around the office to find a way to off yourself.  If your having “one of those days” this game is a great stress reliever. 

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How many times have you wanted to share a screenshot with somebody… so you created your screenshot using one tool, then uploaded to some image hosting site, and then 5 minutes later you finally have the link to send to them. What if there was a way to do all of that in 5 mouse clicks in just a few seconds?

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Today’s Office Time Killer is a lot of fun.  Fancy Pants Adventures:  World 2 developed by Brad Borne is a great adventure world that flows smoothly and allows you to take your mind off the TPS reports.  Plus, what is not cool about playing soccer with snails?

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You are no doubt reading this article because you are wondering why this dwm.exe process is taking more memory than you think it should, and you are curious what it does. Thankfully for you, we have the answer.

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I got positive feedback when asking members of our forum if I should write articles related to home recording and production and I thought I would start writing different articles on some of the techniques I use.  I am by no means a professional with any of this what so ever.  I am just a musician and geek who loves to play with tech.  I have covered some home recording in previous posts and today I thought I would show you how to record a guitar track with Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 3.  I rarely recommend commercial software, but this utility shouldn’t break the bank and it’s my favorite.  In this article I am going to assume you already have or are familiar with Cakewalk.  For a great overview of Guitar Tracks 3 you can check out the Cakewalk Site.

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If you are a social networking junkie and enjoy the web surfing of Firefox then Flock Internet browser might be right for you.

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If you are a big fan of both Google Reader and Firefox, you’ll be interested to know that Google’s iPhone version of Reader is a perfect fit for the Firefox sidebar, and with a few tweaks we can make it really fit well.

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Since we all know working for “The Man” sucks, I thought I would start posting cool time wasting games you can play while the boss isn’t looking.  To start with I thought we can take a look at ESPN’s Pressure Kicker 3D. 

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This article was written by our excellent reader Leon Steadman.

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One of the reasons we started the How-To Geek Blogs was to give bloggers the chance to focus on other topics that we don’t cover as regularly here. If you are interested in Windows Home Server, our very own Gmedia blog has been running a series covering the addition of a new server in his already impressive home media setup.

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