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One of our great readers wrote in yesterday asking how to migrate the custom Office dictionary from one computer to another, and it seemed worthy enough to write about for everybody’s benefit. Thanks Josh!

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One of the many annoyances I have with Internet Explorer is the fairly small default width of the tab bar… as somebody who opens a lot of tabs all the time, it becomes difficult to manage. With a simple tweak, we can remove the command bar that usually sits on the right of the tabs.

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Today there are a plethora of options available for storage, both online and off.  More and more options are becoming available for cheap and often free online storage.  You have to shop around a bit for a service that fits your needs.  Some free accounts do not offer a very much capacity, and ones that do offer up to 50GB of storage are not easy to use.  In this Online Storage Series we will look at some of the better online storage solutions and how to use them.

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As you know this week we have been covering ways to help protect your children online and with PC’s in general.  Vista includes the feature Parental Controls which help in making those tasks easier.  So far we have covered How To Block or Allow Programs, Limit Time Kids Can Use The PC, and How To Block Certain Websites.  The are good tips and seem to work pretty well for younger users.  However, once the children of this technology age get a bit older and learn to adapt more sometimes it is hard to determine what should or should not be controlled.  That is where today’s tip comes in.  Here I will show you how to use Activity Reports to determine what you want to block or not block.

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In my latest article on Lifehacker, I examined some of the most offensive myths out there regarding PC performance tweaking, and debunk them once and for all:

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So far we have covered ways to monitor and protect children with the PC and while online using Windows Vista.  In coming features in this series we will look at what we can use to get similar results in XP as well as other precautions to take using 3rd party applications and services.

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A while back I wrote an article on how to use Outlook 2007 as an RSS reader.  In my new position I am actually using Thunderbird as my email client and wanted to subscribe to RSS feeds using this instead of using a separate app like RSS Owl or Google Reader.  Not that there is anything wrong with those choices, but the more everything can be consolidated the better.

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This is another installment in using the Parental Controls feature in Vista.  I figured this week I would cover these controls and other utilities we can use to help protect the kids.  At the end of this week or beginning of next I will put together everything and do one comprehensive article that covers everything.  As this series continues I invite you to let us know of other tricks and or software you use for this.

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