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As of this writing they offer 3 plans which are Basic, Signature, and Premium.  You can read more about and compare each service on their site.

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Have you ever had music playing loudly on your speakers when the phone rings… then you fumble for the speaker switch or the pause button on your music playing application while trying to answer the phone? Instead of bothering with that, I’ve always simply created a shortcut to mute the system volume instantly with the press of a key.

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During a workday things can definitely seem overwhelming as the amount of data we are expected to absorb increases at such a rapid pace.  In this fast paced environment it can be easy to misplace an important contact or have another do the same if you are the important contact. 

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating your own Electronic Business Card design you can download Templates from the Microsoft Office site.  This is a cool and easy way to go because you can open the template and do various customizations to it.  There are also several sites on the Web that you can download them from.

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My main theme this past week was keeping children safe online using Parental Controls in Windows Vista and using another very useful service OpenDNS.  I also covered Windows Live SkyDrive and the volume control utility Volumouse.  In case you missed anything check out this weeks review.  More great how-to articles you have come to expect next week!

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This week I have been covering tools to use within Windows Vista to help keep your kids safe using the PC and while being online.  This article will apply will show how to use Open DNS with any Operating System to help filter undesirable web content.  Simply put DNS (Domain Name System) translates IP address to an easy to remember hostname.  For example if you were to type “” without the quotes into your web browser you will be directed to

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One of our great readers wrote in yesterday asking how to migrate the custom Office dictionary from one computer to another, and it seemed worthy enough to write about for everybody’s benefit. Thanks Josh!

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One of the many annoyances I have with Internet Explorer is the fairly small default width of the tab bar… as somebody who opens a lot of tabs all the time, it becomes difficult to manage. With a simple tweak, we can remove the command bar that usually sits on the right of the tabs.

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Today there are a plethora of options available for storage, both online and off.  More and more options are becoming available for cheap and often free online storage.  You have to shop around a bit for a service that fits your needs.  Some free accounts do not offer a very much capacity, and ones that do offer up to 50GB of storage are not easy to use.  In this Online Storage Series we will look at some of the better online storage solutions and how to use them.

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