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Who wants to even think about working on the TPS Report project on a Monday?  To take the edge off, take some time and play around with Noisegames.  These are very cool mindless yet fun interactive web toys.

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Now that we’ve put the computer together and setup the BIOS options, we need to get down to business: Installing the operating system. For the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing on Windows Vista, but we’ll try and briefly cover XP as well.

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This article is part of Mysticgeek’s IT blog, a How-To Geek blog focused on IT geekery.

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Earlier this week we covered the process of rolling back a device driver in XP.  One step we can take to help verify the driver we download will work is to use a little known XP utility called Verifier.   

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With all the fanfare surrounding the release of Firefox 3 and the setting of a new world record for downloads, the fact that many people are having problems with Firefox instability seemed to get lost in the shuffle… so I decided to write up a list of troubleshooting methods that might help solve your problems.

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Gmail is a great email service and Thunderbird is one heck of a free email client.  Adding your Gmail account to Thunderbird is very simple and straight forward.  Thunderbird 2.0 includes a specific option for it. 

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After writing the article last week about how to add Disk Cleanup to the context menu for a drive, I received several requests for how to add another menu item for Defrag instead. With a simple registry hack we can do just that.

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If you missed the option to set up your Gmail in Thunderbird during the initial installation, here is how to set it up quickly and easily.

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Have you ever done something on your computer without really thinking about it, but the person next to you has a surprised and confused look on their face? If so, then you might have performed a Stupid Geek Trick. Today we’ll show how to open an Explorer window from the current command prompt directory.

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Sometimes in Windows XP when you update a device driver, the new driver version doesn’t necessarily get along with the XP configuration.  If you update your system’s hardware and suddenly things don’t seem to work correctly, one troubleshooting step is to rollback the current driver to the previous one.  In my IT career I have noticed this the most with Video and Print drivers.  Of course any hardware can fail due to an incorrect software driver.

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